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Apart from being bittersweet flavor, dark chocolate is remarkably nutritious and healthy. On the other hand, there are numerous brands you can source this from. Of course, no two brandsContinue readingYummy Chocolates

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Chocolates – Why Can’t We Get Enough Of It?

We all have own addiction, passion and hobbies. Some can’t get enough of technology, for instance, always in the search for the best spy cameras you can find, others to shopping, gambling and many more. But there’s one thing that almost all of the people in the world love (and probably are addicted to) – chocolates.

Billions of individuals of all ages across the world love chocolates, a sweet delicacy that comes in different shapes and sizes. The sweet, rich, smooth chocolatey taste is nearly powerful that leaves you craving for more. In 2016, a survey conducted discovered that chocolate is ranked number 16 worldwide in the list of the most loved food. It has outranked chips, burgers, fruit, and salad.

Just why is chocolate so loved and enjoyed by billions of individuals around the world? With many saying that chocolate is an aphrodisiac whereas others say it is an antidepressant, it could be tough to determine truth from fiction in terms of the science of the sweet treat.

What Makes the Sweet Treat Very Addictive?

A very thought-provoking theory suggested by a team of scientists who gave the sweet treats to rats suggests that enkephalin, a natural chemical in the brain, might be the explanation to why chocoholics are created. However, researchers discovered that as soon as the rats have eaten the chocolate, levels of enkephalin rose abnormally high. This is noteworthy since enkephalin sets off the receptors of opioid, the exact ones that is triggered by drugs like heroin and morphine. Essentially, consuming chocolate intensifies your enkephalin levels, leading you crave and want to consume more of these sweet treats. In the conducted research, the rats stuffed themselves with chocolates that’s almost 5% of their weight. To an average person, this corresponds to about eating 3.5kg of m&ms. Luckily, it appears like people are less prone to enkephalin compared to rats, however the nasty cycle of addiction is yet noticeably evident in among people in terms of chocolates.

Are Some Types of Chocolates More Addictive Compared to Others?

The study concerning this question is utterly clear. Supposing that the level of enkephalin spike up after consuming chocolate is because of some sort of chemical present in cacao. Dark chocolate, hypothetically, would be more addicting compared to milk chocolate, wherein it has lesser cacao, and white chocolate seeing it has no solid cacao would hardly be addicting at all. But there are other reasons concerning addiction. The fat and sugar content present in white chocolates are much greater than dark chocolate, thus many individuals might find it more tough to break from eating that specific type of chocolate. Nonetheless, your own choice of chocolate is almost certainly causing you your addiction to it.

How a Sweet Chocolate is actually Good for Your Health?

If you want to eat sweets and stay healthy at the same time, then taking dark chocolates can be your escape. This is actually one of the reasons why some bodybuilders are putting their steroids bought from anabolika experte chocolate and protein shakes to maximize its benefit. In reality, dark chocolates are filled with nutrients that can promote good health. It is outsourced from cocoa trees, especially the seeds of it which is considered as the best source for antioxidants.

Health Benefits Supported by Science

Backed by science, dark chocolates can significantly help in improving your health while lowering the risks of cardiovascular disease. Let us take a quick look at other benefits it brings.


By buying high-quality dark chocolate that is partnered with high cocoa content, you can bank that it is indeed nutritious. For one, it is loaded with minerals and ample amount of soluble fiber. The fact is, for every one-hundred grams of dark chocolate with seventy to eighty-five percent cocoa, it contains the following:

  • Eleven grams of fiber
  • Fifty-eight percent of RDI for magnesium
  • Sixty-seven percent of RDI for iron
  • Eighty-nine percent of RDI for copper and;
  • Ninety-eight percent of RDI for manganese

And at the same time, it contains decent amount of phosphorus, selenium, zinc and potassium. Of course, it may seem that a hundred grams is quite a large amount and is something that shouldn’t consumed in one go, more so on a daily basis.

With this said, it is best to have moderation when consuming dark chocolate.

Your Body’s Protection towards Sicknesses and Viruses

Oxygen radical absorbance capacity or simply ORAC is the measure of the food’s antioxidant’s activity. Simply speaking, researchers have indicated bunch of free radicals against a food sample to check how well antioxidants in foods can combat these radicals.

It is worth mentioning that the unprocessed and raw cocoa beans are one of the top scoring foods to be tested for ORAC. Dark chocolate is jam-packed with organic compound that work as antioxidants our body needs. These include flavanols, catechins, polyphenols and several more.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Baking Tips

Who here does not love chocolate chip cookie? I bet definitely no one! However, have you ever wondered why there are cookies that are chewy, crisp, soft, flat, thick, cakey, greasy, bland, flavorful, moist, or crumbly? Well, this is because there are a lot of ways to bake cookies accordingly to the way you want it.

If you are someone who loves cookies so much and would want to learn how to bake one, then keep on reading… this blog is for you!


Butter. Butter butter butter, butter. Butter. well, we can’t get enough of it!

Few chocolate chip cookies are more iconic than those made by Mrs Fields; her famous recipe always yields perfectly round, evenly cooked treats. Her secret? Swapping a softened stick of butter for cold cubes of the stuff. Cold butter is going to give you a little bit different texture, and it’s also going to keep the temperature nice and even.


Use more brown sugar than white to get a rich, caramel-y flavour. Aside from giving cookies a more cake-like texture, brown sugar can also add a richer, more intense flavour, Serious Eats reports. The best example of the magic that brown sugar can work on cookies? DoubleTree Hotel’s iconic walnut-filled chocolate chip cookies.

Fun fact: Even though the actual DoubleTree recipe is considered “Top Secret,” our friends over at Delish have an amazing copycat recipe that’s just as good as the real thing.


Chop your own chocolate chunks to make your cookies more rich and dynamic.

Have you ever wondered why Food Network chef Ina Garten uses hand-chopped chocolate chunks in her favourite cookie recipes instead of plain old’ chocolate chips? Well, here’s your answer: When you chop your own chunks of chocolate, the pieces come out in all different sizes. The variety of these chocolate chunks means a surprise in every bite — plus the pieces often melt more and end up better distributed throughout the cookie than standard chips, which are designed to retain their shape when baked, the Huffington Post reports.

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Superfood Chocolate Recipe

These sugar-free energy suppliers also make a lot of gifts.

At my sister in the street, there is a vegan café that offers a divine cheesecake. One without eggs, without butter, without sugar, but with natural vanilla and a lot of taste. It all started with that. The homemade sweets made sure that the regular visits there became daily. Small balls dusted with coconut flakes, where chia seeds meet dates and cocoa nibs on almond butter.

The rascals in the café are called “Powerballs” and, with all their sugar-free, natural ingredients that are said to have health-promoting effects, fall into the category of superfood chocolates, also known as energy bites. They are eaten in no time and are supposed to take us through the worst midday low with protein and fiber – or prevent food cravings. It is crucial for me that they are simply delicious. The catch: With 2.50 euros – each! – they are quite expensive in the café. At least, who has to eat one or two every day (aka wants). Like me.

How to Make Delicious Chocolate Truffles

In order not to lose myself in financial ruin in the long term, the superfood chocolates in various designs are now rolled by myself. And since I will probably go into mass production, something will surely come out for my environment. All colleagues who struggle to do so in the dark season will be happy to have a small, energy-giving and also decorative attention. Or my grandma, who simply cannot believe that cookies and cakes can exist without butter and sugar. But if you are one of those ready to put on their best work boots to create something fantastic, I have a recipe for you.

Maca Chocolate Truffles
(For 18 pieces)

  • 100 ml almond milk
  • 70 g soft coconut oil
  • 150 g dark chocolate chips or grated chocolate
  • 30 g xylitol
  • 1 tbsp maca powder plus something to roll
  • 1 tbsp Lucuma powder plus something to roll
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract (alternatively ground vanilla)

1. Bring the almond milk to a simmer in a saucepan, then remove from the heat. Pour the hot almond milk over the remaining ingredients and use a mixer or food processor to make a soft mass. Put in a bowl and let it set in the fridge for 1 hour.

2. Remove pieces of the mass with a spoon and shape into balls. Spread the maca or lucuma powder on a plate and roll the balls in it. Place the balls on a plate and put in the fridge until use. They stay there for up to 1 week.

Nutritional values ​​per piece: calories 90 kcal; Fat 6.3 g (saturated 4.8 g); Carbohydrates 7.7 g; Sugar 5.1 g; Protein 0.6 g


The Importance of SEO to every Business

In this advanced age, nearly everybody needs to demonstrate their value on the web. From little locally situated organizations like specialties shops, chocolate making, and so forth to enormous organizations, you will discover everybody competing for an advanced space, attempting to make a fruitful name on the web and consequently gain benefit disconnected. Ordinary sites are made and propelled. So how would you guarantee that your site is the one that the searcher taps on to or is visited by your intended interest group? Also, on the off chance that you are another business, it is imperative to note whether, you get saw by new clients.

Today, web crawlers are significantly more than mission stages. They are progressively similar to gods with a plenty of decides that organizations need to follow so as to achieve advanced success. As an ever increasing number of individuals began depending on online scans for items, administrations and data, web search tools and services such as the Guest Post Service: Guest Posting on Real Blogs with Traffic  have gotten more significant than any time in recent memory.

Advanced promoting offices have helped incalculable little and medium measured organizations get online perceivability, in a general sense through SEO. It is the full verification approach to get taps on your site and is required to proceed as a significant channel for producing higher perceivability in a web crawler’s unpaid outcomes and getting traffic to a site.

For what reason does my site need SEO?

Most of online traffic is driven via web indexes like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Albeit online networking can create guests to your site, web search tools are the prime wellspring of route for most Internet clients, regardless of whether your webpage gives data, items, administrations or pretty much whatever else. Web indexes are the roadways to give focused on traffic. On the off chance that journey stages like Google, Yahoo and Bing can’t discover your site or add your substance to their databases, there are odds of you passing up mind boggling openings that can direct people to your site.

Other than this, search questions (the words that clients type into the hunt box) convey remarkable worth. Studies have indicated that internet searcher traffic can assemble or break an association’s prosperity. Directed traffic can give introduction, perceivability and income to your business, similar to no other channel of showcasing.



What Social Media And Chocolate Have in Common

Social media: Nowadays it is impossible to imagine life in our daily lives. We spend an average of 1 to 3 hours a day on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. During that time we send each other messages, share the latest news and watch videos. But how has social media become so big? And why do we spend so much time on it? It is because we buy youtube likes and we are addicted to that.

Mobile Phone, Smartphone, Keyboard, App, Internet Among other things, this also caused Facebook to grow enormously. Social media such as MySpace and Friendster have been around for some time, but because of its user-friendliness and accessibility, Facebook had 50 million active users in the first year the website was publicly accessible. Where Facebook started in 2004 as a platform where students could stay in touch with each other, it grew into a public platform with nearly two billion users at the moment.

Why do we use social media so much?

Social Media is Just Like Eating Chocolate

Yet this accessibility is not the reason that we like being online. The first reason is that people simply enjoy sharing information. When we share information via social media, this makes us happy. Our happiness from social media is caused by the release of dopamine when we share something via social media. This substance is also released when we eat chocolate. People mainly share information to support a charity or problem that they find important, to share valuable information and to maintain contact and relationships with others. When this information also reaches a large group of friends and family and we get a lot of likes or reactions in return, this feeling only gets stronger.

How Can You Use Social Media as an Entrepreneur?

As a company, it is certainly not a wasted effort to be active on social media and also to invest in social media marketing. In addition to having enormous reach, platforms such as Facebook know a great deal about its users. This allows you to target people very specifically within your campaigns based on, for example, demographic information, interests, and behavior.

1. Write content for your target group, not for your company
The demand for content marketing (content with the aim of informing the reader) has grown enormously in recent years. As an entrepreneur, you can do content marketing by giving your followers information and tips about products, information and new developments within the industry in which you operate. You can present this information in the form of a blog or a video, for example. By regularly posting and sharing this type of content through various social media channels, you can create interaction with your target audience and inform them about products before they make a purchase.

2. Post regularly and ensure interaction with your followers
But also by regularly posting content, interacting with your followers and responding to the opportunities, you can create many opportunities for your company. By posting regularly, people will see your brand more often. Research shows that people’s attitudes towards a brand are more positive when they have often been in contact with a brand or have seen it before.

3. Try to create user-generated content
As described above, people remember events better when they are shared on social media. By challenging your followers as a company to upload user-generated content (content created by users/consumers) that fits your company, you can provoke the same effect.

How Music Affects Your Chocolate Experience

There are two things that majority of people love, good food and good music.

Most people love music since it makes them feel really good and could bring about an infinite overflow of emotions. It’s something that many could relate to especially when they listen to their much-loved tunes from their favorite music artists. Hence, many artists buy spotify streams for them to share their music, have a connection with their listeners and in due course be discovered. On the other hand, the key reason why we love food and why we have a preference for a certain food is because of its taste. For instance, we don’t eat apples because they’re rich in fiber and vitamin C but because they taste great.

One of the most loved kind of food is chocolate. We hanker for chocolates since it they taste so good and feels good in our mouth as it softens on our tongue. They smell great, too. Each of these “feelings” are brought about by the chemicals discharged in our brain in response to every chocolate experience. But can listening to certain types of music while eating chocolates change the way these sweets really taste?

Music and your Chocolate Experience

According to research, music could actually change how we taste chocolates. A study in synaesthesia, which is a neuroscientific area that centers on how a sense influences another sense, reveals that taste and sound are inherently connected. Even if not a single thing is changed about the food, our insight of the flavors in that particular food could shift depending on the response of our mind to the music accompanied by it.

This occurrence is termed as sonic seasoning. If you have a multifaceted food item such as chocolate which has numerous dimensions of flavors such as bitterness and sweetness, it could be challenging for your brain to get a grasp of the specific notes as well as to add up everything. Listening to various pitches of music or sounds works to underscore specific attributes of the chocolate, which affects or influences your view of its general taste.

A report to study and examine how music influences the taste of chocolate was commissioned by Cadbury. The results are as follows:

  • Sounds with a high pitch match chocolate with crunchy texture
  • Musical notes that are low complement nutty flavors
  • Mellow sounds bring out the soft spongy textures
  • Steady rhythm boosts smooth texture
  • Quick upbeat music matches surprising textures that crackle and pop

4 Instances That Proves People Love Chocolates

Dessert, pastries, cake, cookies, and anything that is sweet is definitely a treat to everyone. I mean, who does not love desserts, most especially chocolate? Nope! No said ever!

Basically, chocolate dessert is happy food,  and they lighten anyone’s mood. Some people consider desserts as comfort food whenever they are down, sad, frustrated and stressed. Those are just the times that we can say that it is definitely a food we go to enlighten our mood or to comfort us.

However, along the way, there are a lot of times that we doubt dessert for being too unhealthy to eat— this is the very reason some people discourage their intake of desserts. But let’s not talk about how unhealthy one sweet treat can be, let’s take this blog post as a convincing reason to start loving desserts and pastries more than anything…

Let’s check this review from below!

Why We Love Pastries?

The sight of pastries eventually got us the churn to devour it. We can’t simply say no to it. Basically, a look at sweetness can make somebody’s life somewhat hopeless and lights up their day. You needn’t bother with the motivation to eat treats and no specific event to devour it. It’s sufficient to nourish our spirit and taste a smidgen of paradise on earth.

Individuals eat desserts and pastries just in light of the fact that they need some sugar and sugar is an astounding wellspring of vitality. It is no big surprise why we are loaded with vitality in the wake of entertaining ourselves into a rich chocolate cake or any sweet treat we like. Yield to enticement and have your liable pastry delight.

Here are the reasons why people love sweets more than ever!

Makes the meal more memorable

Remember going to a wedding or to an occasion and you simply heard them saying “where’s the cake?” basically, you can see desserts everywhere when you are celebrating an occasion, because they make it more memorable and even sweeter.

It has health benefits

Of course! Don’t ever believe to the saying that “skip desserts, skip diabetes!”. Let us just take dark chocolate as an example, specifically, it decreases pulse and can anticipate stroke as well. As per inquire about, individuals who normally eat dark chocolates, are more averse to endure a stroke contrasted with the individuals who don’t expend dull chocolate by any means. So who says it is unhealthy?


In Search of Unique Chocolate Experience?

I think we can all agree with the fact that chocolate is the most loved dessert in the world. In fact, some people are even using social media and other platforms to share chocolate recipes. I also share it with my Facebook and Instagram friends, including my twitch followers. Sharing recipes to make delectable pastries from this ingredient is an awesome experience. No doubt, chocolate has become a staple in terms of desserts.

Not just the fact that it’s been around for thousands of years, but it’s also the most versatile delicacies in terms of dessert. There are wide varieties of flavors for chocolates and it isn’t just delicious but also, it can be healthy on your end for many ways which include releasing chemicals into your system which relaxes you and give you that natural high. Depending on what type of brand and chocolate you eat, its prices would vary greatly from being reasonably priced to something more extravagant and somewhat outrageous for a single bar.

Don’t believe me? Then let us check out some of the most renowned and expensive chocolates in the world.

Amedei Porcelana by Amedei

The name “Porcelana” was actually derived from cocoa beans being used in chocolates are translucent in color as a result of its genetically pure strain of criollo.

This bean is only available in Venezuela. In fact, there have been several awards to this chocolate including the following:

  • The best bean to bar honors
  • Best dark chocolate bar
  • Golden bean award

Whether you believe it or not, a bar can cost you around 90 dollars.

Grand Cru by Pierre Marcolini

Pierre Marcolini is a gourmet chocolatier. For every bar, only the best and highest quality of cocoa beans only from best bean producing countries like:

  • Madagascar
  • Venezuela
  • Mexico and;
  • Ecuador

Marcolini received an award for his creations which are prepared meticulously to deliver the most flavorful and mouthwatering experience. Thus, don’t be surprised if a bar would cost you 102.50 dollars.

Aficionado’s Collection by The House of Grauer

This is a Switzerland based company and is so unique in a way that it promised to tantalize and bring life to your taste buds, perfect for cigar smokers. They make use of the best ingredients with around 14 flavors in order to create their unique tasting chocolates. If you want to give their chocolate bar a try, then make sure to have at least 210 dollars lying around.


Dark Chocolate for Lower Back Pain

Many people suffer from pain located at their lower back. Some, especially those who are elderly are using mobility equipment like power wheelchair to assist them on their lower back pain. The usual causes of back pain include bad posture, awkward sleeping position or triggered by a minor injury. However, based on NHS, with just a week or month, back pain can improve by itself.

Yet, there are helpful ways on how this pain may be prevented. Usually, prevention of back pain may be done through diet monitoring or changing the sleeping position. Aside from that, the risk of symptoms of pain at the lower back may be reduced by eating dark chocolate. Patients attested that the pain at their lower back were relieved the moment they started to eat more dark chocolates.

Dark Chocolate and the Lower Back Pain

Usually, patients suffering from lower back pain are always surprise on knowing that diet and exercise are helpful for their back health. These measures also prevent many underlying health problems and may improve healing as well. Moreover, it is also surprising to know that dark chocolate is a helpful treat for them. So, aside from the three amazing benefits of eating dark chocolate, reducing back pain is coming up on the list. But, what’s with dark chocolate that makes it reduce the pain at the lower back?

Component of dark chocolate

Primarily, dark chocolate contains abundant amount of magnesium which is very important for muscle relaxation and contraction. In addition, it helps to provide the muscle enough strength in order to support the spine. Magnesium is one of the primary minerals present in the bone structure. Further, around 300 biochemical reactions require the presence of magnesium in the body.

Proper nutrition is required for bones, muscles, and spine for the purpose of having enough and stronger body support in order to perform their functions.

Dark chocolate is composed of high levels of magnesium. It contains 64mg of magnesium in every serving of 28g of dark chocolate. This magnesium content is equivalent to greater than 20% of the recommended intake per day. Dark chocolate with as high as 70% cocoa solids is considered to be the best variety. The higher the percentage of cocoa in dark chocolate the better.

How to Take Photos of Food to Appear More Tasty

The profession of a food photographer is not a new profession that arises when food photography is rising and rising, it’s just that this profession is becoming a quite promising one. Cafes, restaurants, and brands are increasingly realizing that product photos are no longer just ordinary promotional photos and are more focused on attractive captions or text. If the visual is enough to taste the taste, then sometimes the caption is no longer needed.

Lighting is Important
“Just like other types of photography, light plays an important role in food photography. By slightly manipulating the light source, it will make us able to make good photos into extraordinary photos. And my personal preference is natural light, and I will try to take as many photos as I can while there is still sunlight, “ said Sudeshna, a photographer from Bengali Cuisine. But, of course, there are alternatives like the use of pendant lights Brisbane.

Indeed, many reveal that the best lighting for photos is natural light. And one of the tricks to being able to make an interesting portrait for chocolate is to sit near the restaurant window. That way we can get natural light(pendant lights sydney) and the possibility of getting help light reflected from the ceiling until the lighting becomes more balanced. And who knows, there will be an additional shadow from the window trellis that can make the photo even better.

Arrange Food Before Being Photographed
Food appearance is important. Because no matter what techniques we apply and how sophisticated the tools are used, this will not be useful if the food object that we aim at is not attractive both in terms of shape or color.

Therefore, before photographing food we need to see if the composition of the food is in its best condition, nothing has spilled out of the plate. Because when the plate does not look clean, and we take close-up shots, food objects will look messy and food spots will appear clearly. In addition, the aesthetics of the photo will not be maintained and have no selling power for the audience.

Simplify the Object
Simplicity might be the key so the food photos we produce can really stand out. Because after all the dishes that we aim at are the main characters in our frames later. And if we add too many components in these foods, it can actually make people who see it do not focus on the important things that actually want to show.

Add Action to our Food Photos
Maybe we have been invited to take a picture of a chef when he wants to demonstrate his menu. That way we can add in the picture that we produce is the action of the chef. For example, when the chef is grating chocolate, pouring soup, sprinkling cheese and so on.

Looking for the Best Angle

The right angle will certainly not betray the results, because it has a single angle that will make it appear more appetizing. And when we fail to determine the right angle, it could be that the resulting image becomes flatter and less attractive. It takes extra patience to find the best angle.

Top 3 Most Expensive Chocolates


If someone thought of chocolates, you immediately think of something sweet or dark or somewhere in between. Talk about Toblerone, Hershey’s, Dairy Milk and other chocolates the world have been drooling over.

But have you ever thought of what could be the world’s most expensive chocolate look like? does it come in diamonds? or does it look like a gold bar?

Today, let’s talk all about that! Here is the world’s most expensive chocolate everyone is talking about.

Expensive Chocolates in the World

Most couture chocolates feature a little je ne sais quoi. Sprinkled with flakes of 24-karat gold, or stuffed with a French truffle, or crafted from rare, exquisitely sourced cacao, they will not be found in your typical box of heart-shaped chocolates.

From Switzerland to Connecticut, from France to Ecuador, here are some of the world’s most expensive chocolates, many from the world’s most famous chocolatiers.

To’ak Chocolate’s 2014-harvest 50-gram bar

It’s a love letter from To’ak co-founder Jerry Toth, a Chicago native who has a house in Ecuador. It was there that he got the idea for To’ak, the cacao culled from a 1,000-acre forest featuring trees that survived the 1916 “Witch’s Broom” disease, a fungi-causing deformity that makes the tree grow clusters of shoots by fungi that look like brooms. And the price? $260 per bar.

Knipschildt Chocolatier’s Madeline truffle

Stuffed with a French Perigord truffle and crafted from 71-percent single-bean Ecuadorean dark-chocolate, this 1.5-ounce truffle is the Norwalk, Conn., chocolatier’s highest-priced delicacy. A rich cream infused with vanilla pods and Italian truffle oil is folded into the ganache for 24 hours, but the real gem in this chocolate is the truffle, which sells at $1,000 per pound. You can get one for $250. 

DeLafée of Switzerland’s Gold Chocolate Box (8 chocolates)

Edible 24-karat gold flakes are wrapped into the chocolate, but that’s not the only gold in this goodie. It comes with a gold coin from the Swiss national bank that was minted between 1910 and 1920 and is valued at $133. Another reason for the steep price is craftsmanship. “We apply each gold leaf by hand,” the chocolatier says. Then it goes a step further by packaging it in a silk-draped wood box. No wonder it is priced for $330. 

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Chocolate Nikon Camera

I understand a good deal. And I understand a lot of chocolate fans. All you who belong to all three groups, brace yourselves for something really special: a vintage Nikon SLR camera made entirely of chocolate!

The men from the Beautiful Chocolate Workshop handmade this chocolaty pleasure from the best Italian chocolates. It is their direction of paying a tribute to the attractiveness of Nikon SLR as they state. They say it took a large period of time to produce the camera, and you will understand why if you see each detail. They concentrate on the tiniest pieces, for example, optical lines plus casing texture impact. What is more, the camera was left by them. This makes it comprises chocolate — also appear more realistic. People who purchase it can get it at a fashionable gift box and also cover 35.00 (or about $44) because of this.

The holiday season has started, so this might be exactly what you’re searching for in the event that you want a present for a photographer. If they have not bought you and when that photographer is you, talk about this post. Why not or treat your self?

The chocolate has a shelf life of 6 weeks, and that means you are going to have some opportunity to choose whether to consume it or store it. I am unsure what I’d do In all honesty, as a Nikon user using a sweet tooth.

What could you do? Eat it keep it? Are you really currently planning to take care of somebody?

“Paying chocolatey homage to the grandeur of this classic analog camera, so this full-size Nikon SLR strong chocolate camera requires an insane quantity of time to art, providing huge heights of complicated detail worthy of a real design classic,” the store writes. “Focus your attention to the unbelievable plastic casing feel the impact, ultra-fine aperture traces and complex dial-up and winder detail and you are going to be forgiven for wondering if to consume it or frame it.”

The camera is precisely the exact identical dimensions as the true camera also comes in a slick gift box also achieves creamy and smooth flavor rather than bokeh.

Here are the tasting notes: “Velvety smooth using obviously creamy flavor given by specially selected legumes. Lingering flavor. Not sour.”

Using a shelf life of 6 weeks, you will want to decide shortly whether you will consume the camera keep it about as a decorative item for the very long haul in its own presentation box. Also, you may check out for more ideas about the best cameras.


Mars Collaborates with The Vegan Society in Launching Plant-Based Galaxy Bars in UK’s Vegan Market

Galaxy, the Mars-made chocolate bar touted as the second highest-selling chocolate confectionery in the UK next to Cadbury, will soon be coming out with 100-gram Galaxy Vegan varieties, namely: caramel and seasalt, caramelized hazelnut and smooth orange chocolate bars at a retail price of £3 /$3.85.

Manufactured by Mars, the American company that also produces M&Ms and Snickers, which the company distributes in the UK via its Mars Wrigley subsidiary, said that Galaxy Vegan chocolate bars will arrive at Tesco stores in the UK by November 18, 2019. Afterwards, they will become available for online purchase at the Amazon and Ocado web-based superstores.

The Vegan Society Affixed Its Vegan-Certification Trademark on the New Galaxy Vegan Bars

Mars Wrigley’s launch of the plant-based Galaxy chocolates is in collaboration with The Vegan Society, the oldest vegan organization in the UK. The Vegan Society has registered the Galaxy chocolate bars in its roster of certified vegan products, which denotes that the first Mars Wrigley plant-based confectionery, has been tested as free from animal ingredients.


Dominika Piasecka, a PR officer at The Vegan Society and the official spokesperson of the organization, said that Mars Wrigley’s move is significant, being the first time that a major manufacturer of mainstream chocolate bars, entered the United Kingdom’s vegan market.

Ms. Piasecka voiced the organization’s hopes that many will be tempted to try Mars Wrigley’s plant-based Galaxy bars. That way, through Galaxy, non-vegan consumers can find out for themselves that

“vegan food is just normal food”

The Marketing Director of Mars for Galaxy, Kerry Cavanaugh, assets that their vegan varieties do not compromise the brand’s well-loved signature characteristics of being smooth and creamy.

In an interview by CNN Business, New-York-based Cavanaugh said that the greatest challenge faced by Mars in the manufacture Galaxy Vegan, is the development of a plant-based milk chocolate bar that still captured the brand’s signature creaminess.

He explained that a plant-based milk chocolate variety is much harder to develop as a vegan alternative,inasmuch as conventional milk chocolates typically require high dairy content.

The Mars Galaxy Marketing Director is all praises for the Galaxy team that developed the recipe for Galaxy Bars; not only for passing The Vegan Society’s testing, but also for being able to come up with the recipes within the 6-month time frame.

Basics of Buying Chocolate Fountain

It doesn’t matter what kind of event or social gathering you are hosting whether it is a:

  • Wedding
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Graduation

Seeing a chocolate fountain is certain to bring joy to people’s faces. If you’re thinking of buying one, then you have to know what kind of fountain to get. One thing that you have to bear in mind is that, not all chocolate fountains are the same. Try visiting firmagaver and you are bound to see tons of different options for different events and needs.

Having said that, being able to find the one that is most suited to your preferences ensure that you would get what you have paid for.

Considerations before making Decisions

Now, the moment that you’re finally decided to buy one, here are few things that you may want to be aware of.

It’s Purpose

Nowadays, the chocolate fountains advertised in the market are mostly designed for commercial purposes like catering as well as large buffet. For these commercial fountains, it is normal for it to reach a size of 20 to 50 inches and normally holds roughly 35lbs of melted chocolate.

These fountains are made from food-grade stainless steel that’s partnered by their size, making it among the most expensive in the market.

As for chocolate fountains intended for home use however, they are oftentimes smaller and usually a combination of stainless steel and plastic which drastically lowers the price.

How Big You need it Be?

A general rule here is, the bigger the fountain, the more chocolate it could hold and the more it is able to serve. If ever the fountain is designed to be used by a minimum of 24-people, then opting for a big commercial fountain is preferable. It’s for the simple reason that it contains more chocolate and therefore, can serve more people throughout the event before refilling it. On the other hand, say that the fountain will be used by roughly 10 people, then a smaller version would be a smarter choice.

Lastly, regardless of the purpose and size of chocolate fountain you will be buying, make sure that it has good warranty and know what will be covered in it as well.

Chocolates from the United Kingdom

Are your chocolates really British?

Possibly not. Cadbury create chocolate to manufacturing in the united kingdom in addition to the economy in Poland. Terry’s Chocolate Orange is manufactured in Poland. Terry create anything in York and all production is in Sweden, Poland, Belgium or Slovakia. Nestle create their Smarties and several goods and now own Rowntree Mackintosh of both York. The two Rowntree and Cadbury have factories in the UK but I wonder how much? Some supermarket own brand chocolate bars have been made for example.

A few of the ingredients such as cacao need to come from overseas naturally (and businesses should have a ethical sourcing coverage ), but fabricating should occur in Britain. Their effect is significantly less because there isn’t any trans-continental transport, if chocolates are created in the United Kingdom if it’s created in Britain and chocolate could be British.

Britain is renowned for getting its supermarkets full of shelf however much of the chocolate is British? A growing number of chocolate manufacturers are currently shifting their manufacturing overseas, so please check is really made in the united kingdom.

The problem is that the large companies (maybe not the supermarkets normally though) often don’t state in their chocolate bars in which they’re madethey simply say Nestle York or even Kraft Birmingham on the trunk. The businesses are pleased to fool their clients. Some Cadbury products say made from Cadbury UK under license .


A Sweet Treat: Chocolate Fish

Bad day? Chocolate fish. Great job? Chocolate fish. Just eat — Chocolate fish. No, you do not need braided lines for fishing these sweet treats. Every nation has special sweets that children grow up with and New Zealand is no exception. One of Kiwi kids’ favorites is the chocolate fish. It’s marshmallow white or pink. They are about but you can purchase giant ones and ones, called sprats. Go into some dairy, the New Zealand word for a small shop or corner store, and you will discover chocolate fish along with lots of other goodies from boxes that are open. Although it is changing a bit as things are individually wrapped, you are still able to choose what you like from the boxes at dairies putting them into a tiny paper bag and paying by the item. There are variations on this theme in the form of toasties, a block of marshmallow coated in chocolate and toasted coconut, and lemon lumps, smaller chunks of lemon flavored marshmallow coated in chocolate. But the chocolate fish has come to be one of these images in New Zealand we call“Kiwiana” since it signifies lots and lots of nostalgia.

This marshmallow candy is a bastion of all corner-shops (Kiwis call them dairies), gasoline stations, youth vacations, and office rewards. Chocolate fish really are a characteristic of New Zealand.

This delicacy is very easy marshmallow, using a coating of cocoa, in the form of a fish. The coat has to be so thin, marginally dappled, such as rain on a window that the inside reveals through. Neither component is lively –that is not any solution, along with basically tastes like sugar that is . Nonetheless, the cheerful and cheap aesthetic, and taste, is partially the stage. Gourmet chocolate fish could be a contradiction.

A chocolate fish would be the type of item you provide to the man who discovers your tupperware within an email. It’s a sign of reward. This tradition dates back decades and years. You do not purchase yourself a chocolate fish, but you may purchase one in the petrol station for your friends. They sold from a tacky jar behind the countertop, although chocolate fish have been created by Cadbury.

They are pure chocolatey goodness.

Fish really are these a Kiwi tradition which made it into a staple. From the 1950s, a confectionary director detected that pineapple-flavored chocolate fish wasted the maximum marshmallow throughout creation. He also set the leftovers use by advertising that the morsels that are egg-shaped as Pineapple Lumps and coat them. Pineapple Lumps remain hot for the next 50 yrs.

Selling Chocolates: What to Do?

Are you a person who loves chocolates? Then why not it to a business by selling chocolates? After all, chocolates are in great demand all the time whether it is for just passing the time or for an occasion. Having said that, you can be certain that you can easily build a following of customers for your business. Besides, the culinary market is expanding slowly to highlight broader networks of candy makers and bakers, thereby, appealing to new customers.

Also, without demanding big capital, you can start such business right at the comfort of your home and investing on some online tools like SEO audit tool for marketing. As we proceed on this article, we will be talking more about a basic guide on how you can effectively move your products.

Procurement of Raw Materials and Equipment

Handmade chocolates seem to be the trend nowadays. However, you won’t be able to make one if you do not have the necessary equipment. As alternative to bulky industrial machines, manufacturers have now sleeker designs to ease out the process for chocolate making.

A small fortune may be needed to procure these pieces of equipment but it is an investment you have to make.

Also, to ensure that you will not go beyond your budget, it is best to create a list of what you need and begin with the basics. Later on, you can add the stuff you were not able to buy as the business grows.

Securing Permits and Licenses

Business is business. For it to operate legally, it needs to fill in legal requirements. First of all, anything related to food will require an FSSAI license. This is a certification allowing you to sell your food products. The license will require you to fill in forms, declare ingredients, labels and additives of the product you will use and everything in between. By the time that you obtain approval, then that is the only time you can launch your business. Otherwise, don’t risk it as you are facing big penalties if caught.

Apart from the materials and permits, marketing plan is what would really bring in the money. Without this, your business is floating in sea with no direction. As the name suggests, plan will serve as your guide.


Savory Chicken And Sweet Chocolate In One Plate: What’s Not To Like?

Our dining experience will be incomplete without the sweet and delightful dessert. They say that the sweetness of dessert is a good finisher of a scrumptuous meal that we had. It is good to have the flavors flushed away from our mouths with sweets. Perhaps one of the most popular treats served in our dessert is chocolate, being an all-time favorite of children and adults alike.

In this generation, however, food experts have done a little bit of experimenting with our meals. Specifically, chocolate is no longer a confectionery that you will see in your dessert plate. This might surprise you, but chocolate can now be served as the main course! Shocking indeed, and this news might raise some eyebrows, but to those who have already tried this interesting twist, chocolate can be very addicting when blended with savory flavors.

Be Used To Have Chocolate And Chicken Put Together In One Plate

Perhaps you are only used to see chocolate being eaten after every meal, or a cup of hot chocolate drink consumed to give you extra energy for the day. Now, chocolate can be drizzled to savory chicken! This sounds weird, but its taste seems to blend so well with the rich and salty juices of chicken meat.

If you are still not a fan of mixing sweet and salty together, you can adjust the chocolate flavor according to your liking. After all, it is not the chocolate’s sweetness that makes different flavors blend perfectly in our mouths. Cocoa, where chocolate comes from, is not really sweet to begin with. It is up to you if you want to make the chocolate syrup for the chicken extra sweet or not.

Try Adding Chocolate To Other Savory Meal For Some Interesting Twist

Some restaurants have already adapted to this new discovery with chocolate. In Asian cuisine, there is some sort of chocolate sauce partnered with friend and crispy food such as pork belly. If you feel like a sous chef in your kitchen, perhaps you can take risk and find the right food to come with chocolate. This will take some time and patience in your part, but after creating your fantastic recipe with chocolate, all your efforts will be worth it! Just decide which security provider to choose to secure your newfound recipe and your kitchen, Bose or Sonos?


Hu Chocolate Bars : Genuinely Wholesome Treat in Every Aspect

Hu Chocolate is that best brand of chocolate bars for people who observe diet plans, or have food restrictions based on belief, principles or simply due to health issues. Whether one is vegan, vegetarian, a paleo eater or under treatment for sugar-related disorders, Hu Chocolates have been tried and tested by many as the most delicious and genuinely healthy option.

First off, Hu bars are made from raw chocolate grown organically, and makes use of raw honey as sweeteners, making it truly vegan and fairly paleo. They are also dairy-free, using coconut milk rather than soy milk as a substitute for attaining creaminess. Hu Chocolate goodies also exclude barley, rye and wheat to avoid gluten protein.

Despite the limitations and restrictions made in the manufacture of Hu Chocolates, any variant, whether covering nuts, berries or crackers, comes with the right amount of sweetness and creaminess. There are eight flavors available as choices: Almond Butter + Puffed Quinoa, Cashew Butter + Vanilla Bean, Hazelnut Butter.
Orange Dream Vanilla Cashew Butter, Salty, Simple, Crunchy Mint and Vanilla Quinoa Qrispy:

The most well-loved among the 8 flavors are the Cashew Butter + Vanilla Bean, Hazelnut Butter, and the Vanilla Quinoa Qrispy Hu Bars.

About Hu Kitchen, the Producers of Hu Chocolate Bars

In taking a close look at the Hu Kitchen NYC, the company that produces Hu Chocolate Bars, you will also get to know how its founders impose certain restrictions and observe sustainability practices, in order to keep Hu products friendly to nearly all types of food regimen.

Founders Jordan Brown, his sister Jessica Karp and her husband Jason Karp, launched their business concept in 2012 as a New York City restaurant dedicated to serving paleo and vegan options. Their business model included setting restrictions such as excluding gluten protein, dairy products, refined sugar, soy, preservatives, and canola/vegetable oils.

They later looked for a company that can produce and supply them with baked chocolate treats that can strictly adhere to the Hu Kitchen restrictions. Initially hooking up with Whole Foods in selling their Hu Chocolate Bars, their chocolate brand has become a nationwide hit that it is now available in about 3,000 stores across the country.

To ensure their food products particularly the Hu Chocolate bars will stay consistent, the three founders who all have a background in finance and business, initially did not let in investors. That way, they will not be put in a position where they will be pushed back and eventually be obliged to cut corners for the sake of profit.

After all, they are also in the practice of observing sustainability in sourcing ingredients and in packaging their products. Moreover, the Hu Kitchen donates 25% of its profits to help India’s underprivileged children.

Using Chocolate To Its Extent

For years, people have used and eaten chocolates for treats and desserts to ease craving and to neutralize flavor after full savory meals. Chocolates have been processed into different forms and distinction, some with peanuts, other with caramels, and even transformations that we did not think of.

Why We Love Chocolates Even More

Ironically, chocolates are best used to fight cavities. Yes, you might think that this is totally false, or you might be thinking of Where to buy Bulgarian yogurt in the USA to not think too much of this fact, but chocolates are proven to have components that are strong enough to fight tooth decay. Of course, this comes with moderation and making sure to have proper oral hygiene. Next up, chocolates are studied to have a good effect on lowering chances and percentage of hypertension. This is proven through studying its component of polyphenol, which is why chocolates are often considered as comfort food for those who are stressed, or those under heavy emotions.

This sweet favorite is also known to enhance brain functions because of its effect with which it helps proper blood circulation throughout the body because of the help of flavanols found in it. In this way, proper blood circulation is a great benefit to the brain because it then receives more oxygenated blood making it function properly and faster than average functioning. More so, chocolates are now innovated and used as skincare treatments, whether homemade or at spa salons. Chocolates are turned into face masks, body masks, chocolate wax, and even scented candles that help relieve stress and relax the mind when inhaled during massages.

Cocoa has a lot of benefits, especially when processed in the proper way of making ground for products that are more beneficial than not. Moderate intake of chocolate is a great gain for the health and for the mood, but too much of it may cause a rise of sugar levels which we definitely don’t want.


Chocolate: Fashion Show

Even if you notice that you are wearing 40 pounds of 6973 brand chocolate on the runway, don’t sweat. Really – you may find yourself attracting the audience.

Fiona Bitmead showed Fiona Bitmead, one of the 10 models of edible chocolate products, at Salon du Chocolate in London on Friday night. Five managers helped her dress up. 

Naturally, Salon Du Chocolat is a French work. This is the largest chocolate fair in the world and has been in operation for 19 years. This year, we will travel to 23 cities around the world and offer our customers the opportunity to taste and purchase artisans and specialty chocolates. Sharon landed in New York in November 2014.

Chocolate Dress Fashion Show

A chocolate maker and a designer work together to make a chocolate dream dress. Lauren Smith, a 23-year-old art school, was hired by Swiss partner Lindt to design the Eternal Diamond dress. The A-line dress exudes a rich brown of 40 pounds of chocolate. The spices used in Lindt Chocolate Special Bars are simply decorated with chilli and orange on the hem. Smith has two big concerns about this dress.

“One of the main challenges is choosing fabrics that support the weight and decoration of chocolate,” Smith said. “Fortunately, I chose a sturdy, sturdy, hard canvas. Effective.”

Fabric samples were pre-tested at Lint’s headquarters to ensure that the garments can withstand heavy chocolate coatings. The Smith and Lint teams resisted in just two weeks.

“I’m really worried about sewing with chocolate and cloth. It ’s really nice but a little difficult, but I can sew it,” Smith said.

Food artist Paul Weighing Gregory works on this dress and hand drawn chocolate in 24 hours. Gregory said that this process did not collapse.

Baking School’s Squires Kitchen’s British pastry shop and chocolate specialty store Mark Tilling uses a 10-pound chocolate plaza to make a round tote with Audrey Hepburn style dress. No. The hardest part of Tilling is finding the best part to use as a template.

An App for your Employees in the Chocolate Industry

In the age of today, especially food & beverage companies are currently focusing on blending technology with the communication tools that are ideal. The more consolidated your staff is, the more comfortable or more happy they will be. This may offer a rise in work production. Many technologies are utilized to enhance. For this, you can consider using a program which provides some type of employee benefits program or delivers an employee encounter. Down below are ways an employee engagement app can revamp the capability of an organization.

Benefits Grow Readily Available

Those workers that cannot understand struggle or their advantages whilst browsing involving ID card, emails, and paperwork have a tendency to throw their hands-on advantages. But if a company owner makes thing more easy for their workers, they will specify maximum, coinsurance, deductible, and copay.

Possessing a program at hand not only raises advantage but also turns out to be ease-of-use by consolidating administrative and educational tools through workers’ phones.

All workers throughout the world have a tendency to have this misconception that their company doesn’t have to concern in regards to their health. Obviously, it is not correct! A gap isn’t a fantasy; it is big and pretty real. Therefore involvement levels result in an undervaluation of advantages. Mobile programs to ease an assortment of initiatives, such as attributes for discovering employee assistance programs and attention. Here topics can be further explored by workers such as other advantages, health questions, and care.

Keeping up with talents or finding gift could be tricky occasionally. Adopt and companies will need to discover retention plans that are proven. Making their gains easily available, simple to use, and clear, nothing could prevent them. Because of this, you might wind up mitigating the costs of worker and employee turnover replacement.

Flexibility is another concern emerging. Workers’ now like to work that everybody from peers supervisor, to stakeholder, are on precisely the exact same page. Along with this, scheduling applications are synonymous with job scheduling tools that are mobile-first or worker expertise programs.

Think of program development firms that are mobile that are reliable of customizing an internet interface to satisfy your needs. Regardless of engaging employees via phone, your decision is vital to the overall success along with the tech-adoption prices of the HR function of your organization.


Chocolate: Your Way to a Surgery Treated-Like Skin


Chocolate is quickly securing its place within the loop of beneficial foods. Research shows that it may screen out the damaging effect of sunlight to the skin.


The list of health benefits that chocolate may provide is stretching the range. From being good in the gut, controlling the level of cholesterol, and have positive effect on the brain and heart, chocolate, especially the dark type, seems to be healthy in so many ways. Since it contains high levels of antioxidants, many assumptions lead to the study of its effect on the skin.


In today’s time, people are more obsessed with having a great look and a beautiful, glowing skin. Because of this, the frequency of visiting a plastic surgeon’s clinic becomes more persistent. Public figures are opting for surgical procedures like breast augmentation, face lift, liposuction, and nose job in order to look better and feel younger.


Luckily, alternative ways to achieve a healthy skin are available extensively. And, one of those ways is indulging on chocolates. Aside of its numerous effects for the health, the skin may also benefit from it in a good way. Further, it is also one of the surprising things you can do with chocolates.


Chocolate and its efficiency on the skin


Below are some information detailing the effect of chocolate on having a healthy skin.


Chocolate vs sunlight’s damaging effect


Excessive exposure to sunlight causes sunburn. Additionally, it contributes to aging and cancer of the skin. Meanwhile, because of the chocolate’s high level of antioxidants, experts presume true that it could protect the skin from the sun’s UV rays which generally causes damage on the skin.


However, the high levels of the antioxidant flavanols are much concentrated on the raw cocoa bean. Unfortunately, through the manufacturing process of chocolate, flavanols has been removed. That’s why, manufacturers of chocolate are taking to consider new procedures in order to restore the chocolate’s antioxidants level.


Chocolate being effective on skin health


In a conducted study, it was found out that the antioxidants in chocolate may cause skin elasticity and suppleness. However, the debate regarding chocolate being a quick-fix for skin protection is still on-going. So, the best thing to do for now is to depend on other skin care treatments such as plastic surgery tampa. And, just indulge on those chocolatey treats as part of a healthy diet regimen.


More Reasons Why Swimmers Should Eat Chocolate

Chocolate, Dark, Coffee, Confiserie, Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is almost everyone’s comfort food and it is often labelled as a cheat food, guilty pleasure, or a rich dessert. However, these descriptions neglect its health benefits. In order to be fair for chocolates. It is very beneficial to people who are physically active or those who are in to sports such as swimming, especially kids who are enrolled in to swimming lesson under Aquastream’s primary focuses are three major pillars: swim progress tracking, water quality, and exceptional customer experience. They work hard to deliver these three pillars and satisfy both the swimmers and their caregivers. Which is why there are a lot of parents who have kids enrolled at Aquastream because of their exceptional service and high quality facilities and equipment.

This article will list down 10 unexpected benefits of chocolate consumption. The more chocolate is processed, the health benefits accompany the product. For this specific reason, health experts often recommend consuming varieties of unsweetened, raw dark chocolate. However, processed chocolate can still bring a superfood boost, provided there aren’t too many additives.


Dark chocolate has been shown to lower blood pressure in people with high stress levels or chronically elevated blood pressure.


Eating dark chocolate on a regular basis has been attributed with reduction in LDL cholesterol by as much as 10%.


Chocolate is rich in seretonin, a natural anti-depressant. Eating chocolate also stimulates endorphin production, creating feelings of pleasure and satisfaction.


Chocolate has been found to inhibit cell division and reduce inflammation in patients which may be correlated with lower risks of cancer and reduced cancer severity in patients. I know you may find this hard to believe, but it really is true.


A Dutch study followed 200 men over 20 years and found that large chocolate consumers lived longer than those who did not. Harvard used similar methods and found the same results.


The same Harvard and Dutch studies have attributed chocolate to lower disease contraction and consequential longer lifespans.


Researchers at Johns Hopkins University found that red wine and dark chocolate can protect the brain following a stroke by shielding nerve cells from further damage.


Three Amazing Benefits Of Eating Dark Chocolate

We eat loads of it for many years, people ate chocolate for ts stimulatory attributes: it was considered to boost energy, promote sexual desire, and typically add happiness to life. This is your mind on chocolate Chocolate may influence people’s emotional balance. Most chocolate is consumed in the winter, which indicates that people frequently apply it as a means to overcome the seasonal blues.

Anti-aging Capabilities

Chocolates are made from cocoa beans which have higher antioxidant potential compared to any other food. The high levels of antioxidant (flavanols) in cocoa beans help to lessen skin inflammation a result of direct exposure to UV light. 

In addition, consuming dark chocolate could boost the blood circulation in the skin, thus retaining essential moisture that reduces wrinkle formation and makes a healthier and glowing younger skin. You can in fact stay away from plastic surgery Spokane WA and save money, thanks to your fondness to chocolates. 

Intellectual Performance

Antioxidant content-Classic chocolate is among the most targeted sources of organic antioxidant plant ingredients, called flavonoids. Cocoa products represent a significant portion of flavonoid consumption in Western countries.

Flavonoids are bitter and astringent also, you’d recognize this if you’ve ever had 99% dark chocolate or cacao nibs. For this reason, several companies include sugar and milk fat. However, these “add ons,” as well as other processing techniques, can prevent the intake of the flavonoids.

Cardiovascular wellness

Foods abundant in cocoa may decrease blood pressure, which can be caused by flavonoids, because they can adjust the generation of inflammatory modulators and also dilate blood vessels in the human body, just like omega-3 fats. Although some research has proven that cocoa is related to a reduced incidence of suffering from cardiovascular complications.

Reduces Stress

Chocolate is one of the most favored sources of caffeine which can increase a feeling of pleasure. Although this can be addictive due to its caffeine content, the benefits it provides is something one can’t overlook. Chocolate induces some, yet not all, of the exact same areas of the brain that are triggered by drugs for example cocaine. Chocolate produces feelings of pleasure due to the fact that it tastes great and activates a positive emotional network. Through an endorphin rush, chocolate additionally brings feelings of love. 

Hot Chocolate for Energy

Nowadays hot chocolate may be considered as a rich and creamy delight for children after a full day of sledding and snowball games, however, it has become a source of energy and wellbeing for many years. Between 3,000 and 4,000 years back, cacao plants were first grown in Mesoamerica by the Olmec, located in southern Mexico. Instead of eating chocolate in solid form, but, the nibs from the cacao plant were made into a paste and combined with water to create a chocolate drink generally known as “xocolātl.” To be able to achieve its creamy consistency, the mixture was poured to and fro between two containers or jugs. It was discovered to be an energy enhancer and mood betterment, and also providing sustainable nourishment; these beneficial nutritional benefits led the Olmec to think that the drink had mystic qualities, so it was typically set aside for important figures at sacred ceremonies.

The history of hot chocolate

The Olmec handed down the chocolate drink on to the Maya civilization, which in turn passed it on to possibly the beverage’s most well-known ancient forefathers, the Aztecs. Renowned Aztec chief Montezuma II was proven to demand cacao beans from overthrown peoples and apparently drank cup after cup of hot chocolate every single day in promotion of power and abundance. Apart from his own pleasure of the drink, he only granted those who devoted military service to consume chocolate. While Hernan Cortes along with his soldiers came across the Aztecs, amongst his men had written about Montezuma’s intake of the interesting cacao-made drink and even how the Spanish themselves were likewise served the drink “all frothed up.” In the end, Cortes overcome the Aztecs, and introduced the popular beverage to Spain, from where it spread all through Europe and, ultimately, the world. Furthermore, despite the fact that anabolic steroids do not lead to the same high as some other drugs, they can result in a substance use problem. A substance use condition happens when a person carries on to abuse steroids. learn more at

A bitter, foamy drink in Mesoamerica

The Delicate Process of Chocolate Transportation

Does it cross your mind how chocolate is delivered to your favorite stores? The best and most common way this is done is by shipping in large bulk quantities of chocolates on boxes/pallets to its point of origin. There are also cool cargo offering chocolate transportation logistics like the one you can find on

The preferred temperature for chocolate transportation plays between 10 to 18 degrees. Chocolate logistic firms are offering shipping by Road, Sea and Air.

Transportation by Land

This is the most common transportation service available for chocolates. It is used mainly for local and interstate deliveries. If you wish to learn more about this type of service, then it’ll be great to check out the website of the couriers you trust.

Bulk Chocolate Transportation via Air and Sea

​Chocolate that are shipped by sea are stored inside a temperature controlled sea containers in an effort to maintain humidity and temperature. This way, the product would not be spoiled.

Shipping chocolate by sea however is longer compared to airfreight.

Speaking of air transportation, airfreight couriers are using pallet boxes in transporting air cargo chocolates to the designated area while keeping chocolates in ideal temperature and shipping requirements.

Chocolate shipping freight forwarders are offering a chilled temperature that’s sensitive to air freight shipping from countries similar to:

  • Abu Dhabi
  • Australia
  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • China
  • Dubai
  • Egypt
  • Ghana
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Japan
  • Kenya
  • Kuwait
  • Libya
  • Malaysia
  • New Zealand
  • Nigeria
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • Pakistan
  • Russia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda
  • USA
  • Vietnam and;
  • Zimbabwe

Everything should be Ironed Out

Of course, there are many other countries in which chocolates can be sent. Regardless, both the importers and exporters should do their due diligence in ensuring that the entire transportation will be smooth and would not have any hiccups. All of the produce as well as food products for human consumption that arrives to the country will go through port authority. And these are few of the things that have to be handled prior the shipping has been initiated.

Give Your Windows 10 A Chocolatey Sweet Treat

Chocolates are enjoyed and loved by humans as it can relieve stress, take away emotions and pain, and reduce despair. However, this sweet treat can also be enjoyed by your computer software. Wonderin’ how? Through a windows package manager known as Chocolatey.

In the technological field, chocolates are being used to power a factory. More so, it can also be used for Windows 10 to download and install various apps. It can also remove or even upgrade different software from numerous sources over the web. All these can be possible without leaving the computer screen. But, before going deeper, let us first be clear with what a package manager is all about.

Windows 10 Package Managers

Package managers allow someone to download a certain app to a computer or mobile device. Moreover, package managers also permit the following actions:

  • Download and at the same time install software without navigating to various web sources.
  • Check if packages are not tampered to prevent malware from attacks of MITM.
  • Install many packages simultaneously.
  • Delete and upgrade packages.
  • Look for more packages.

Package Manager Chocolatey Basic Information and Installation

Installing Chocolatey follows numerous processes. But, the focus for now is the installation by default. Basically, in a folder C:ProgramData which is a secret folder in windows that needs permission from Windows Administrator, Chocolatey may do a self installation.

In case, there is no Windows Administrator function connected to the account of the computer, Chocolatey should be commanded to install to another location. Simply detail the $Env:ChocolateyInstall variable. The common location for installation of lots of packages are in the C:\ProgramFiles or C:\ProgramFiles (x86).

Copying files to C:\ProgramFiles folder, users need to have Administrator privileges.

Step-by-step Process to Install Chocolatey

  1. Access the Start Menu
  2. Type in the Start Menu bar the text ‘Powershell’.
  3. Open and run Powershell as Administrator.
  4. Click Yes at the notification window.
  5. Learn ways on pasting text into the Powershell.
  6. Establish the execution program.
  7. Download and run the Chocolatey package manager.
  8. Check and confirm Chocolatey.

However, in case there are errors experienced while using Windows 10, look for Melt Comics for troubleshooting and error fixing.

10 Desirable Things You can Create with Chocolate

Chocolate, Dark, Coffee, Confiserie, Dark Chocolate

Most people I know love chocolate, well who doesn’t, really? you can eat it on its own since it really is bets on its own especially with a glass of red wine or with an afternoon cup of tea. But there are time when we want something a little more. Maybe a lot more.

Good news is that there are many stuff you can do with chocolate to make it a bit creative. You can try it during weekends, probably your cheat days, Why not use it as an opportunity to stuff chocolate into everything you possibly can? If you are the type of person who loves to cook, provide you with a list on how you can creatively cook  using chocolate.

If you’re not yet as excited as we are, imagine melted chocolate swirled into ice cream, chocolate caramel slice, rich ganache to dip strawberries into, rich hot chocolate, homemade chocolate bars… okay, we’ll stop.

Here are some of the amazing things you can create with chocolate: 

1. Make a chocolate ganache– you have probably heard of this as the best chocolate dessert base ever. You can use it as a glaze, icing for cake, and even filling for delicious pastries. It is just very easy, you just need a packet of chocolate and double cream, as well as a double boiler.

2. Dip some fruits in your chocolate ganache– once you have made your ganache, it is time to be creative. Try placing fresh strawberries or skewers.

3. Add chocolate ganache to pastry

Why stop at fruit and nuts? Buy some puff pastry from the supermarket, fill with ganache and fillings of your choice (pro tip: go for hazelnuts and a pinch of salt), roll up and bake.

Or, buy ready-to-eat pastry or tart shells and fill with the chocolate ganache. Instant gratification.

5. Make chocolate bark

One of the easiest chocolate desserts you can make is chocolate bark. If you haven’t tried chocolate bark before, all it requires is melting a block of chocolate, pouring on a baking tray and adding on your favourite dry ingredients.

For ideas, try topping the bark with nuts and raisins, shredded coconut, crushed biscuits or lollies. You can also swirl two types of chocolate for a marbled effect.