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Chocolate: Your Way to a Surgery Treated-Like Skin


Chocolate is quickly securing its place within the loop of beneficial foods. Research shows that it may screen out the damaging effect of sunlight to the skin.


The list of health benefits that chocolate may provide is stretching the range. From being good in the gut, controlling the level of cholesterol, and have positive effect on the brain and heart, chocolate, especially the dark type, seems to be healthy in so many ways. Since it contains high levels of antioxidants, many assumptions lead to the study of its effect on the skin.


In today’s time, people are more obsessed with having a great look and a beautiful, glowing skin. Because of this, the frequency of visiting a plastic surgeon’s clinic becomes more persistent. Public figures are opting for surgical procedures like breast augmentation, face lift, liposuction, and nose job in order to look better and feel younger.


Luckily, alternative ways to achieve a healthy skin are available extensively. And, one of those ways is indulging on chocolates. Aside of its numerous effects for the health, the skin may also benefit from it in a good way. Further, it is also one of the surprising things you can do with chocolates.


Chocolate and its efficiency on the skin


Below are some information detailing the effect of chocolate on having a healthy skin.


Chocolate vs sunlight’s damaging effect


Excessive exposure to sunlight causes sunburn. Additionally, it contributes to aging and cancer of the skin. Meanwhile, because of the chocolate’s high level of antioxidants, experts presume true that it could protect the skin from the sun’s UV rays which generally causes damage on the skin.


However, the high levels of the antioxidant flavanols are much concentrated on the raw cocoa bean. Unfortunately, through the manufacturing process of chocolate, flavanols has been removed. That’s why, manufacturers of chocolate are taking to consider new procedures in order to restore the chocolate’s antioxidants level.


Chocolate being effective on skin health


In a conducted study, it was found out that the antioxidants in chocolate may cause skin elasticity and suppleness. However, the debate regarding chocolate being a quick-fix for skin protection is still on-going. So, the best thing to do for now is to depend on other skin care treatments such as plastic surgery tampa. And, just indulge on those chocolatey treats as part of a healthy diet regimen.