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For more than 2 millenniums, chocolate has been enjoyed by our ancestors. In fact, it was discovered by the Aztecs as a form of beverage. It wasn’t long before royal families have favored it as well. Fast forward to the present time however, chocolates had just become a common dessert that can be bought easily in stores and supermarkets. In fact today, an average American eats 11.7 pounds of chocolate every year.


There are only 3 chocolate varieties. And these are White, Dark and Milk.

As for its nutritional contents, it will have a slight variation depending on the variety you’ve chosen.

In addition to that, all 3 chocolate varieties have cocoa butter, sugar, cocoa liquor, full cream milk powder, cocoa, vanilla and lecithin. Among the three, dark chocolate has the least amount ingredients added to its creation. Then milk chocolate has least volume of cocoa liquor while white chocolate has the most flavors.

Nutritional Contents

Likewise, these chocolates have the following:

  • Sugars
  • Vitamin E
  • Potassium
  • Riboflavin and;
  • Sodium
  • Caffeine

Not to mention, they have traces of protein with dark chocolate has the most amount of fiber with 3.14 grams of it per ounce. While milk and white chocolate have .57 and no fiber respectively.