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Asking what is the best chocolate bar is like asking who is your favorite child among your children? It’s just impossible to answer as declaring the which is “the best” which criteria has been considered will raise some eyebrows.

Specify Your Question

When you say best, are you pertaining about the chocolate’s flavor, its impact to the person’s health, which factory or company compensates its workers the highest, the environment in which the chocolate was made or is it the design of packaging used for the chocolate?

For every case that was brought to our attention, there is going to be a different set of chocolate brands that top the rest.

And despite were in the same category, it usually makes no sense to declare something as being the overall best. Because even in the flavor, you can ask for which has the

  • Best earthy flavor
  • Best bitter flavor
  • Best fruity flavor
  • Best melt
  • Best sweetness
  • Best balance

Basically, there are so many things where a bar of chocolate can be “best at”. And to top it all off, where not even starting to discuss about the subcategories. So to answer this question is an overstatement. There’s no best chocolate. Rather, it will lie on the person’s specific preference and taste.