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Date night chocolate meals/desserts: from savory to sweet to easy.

Date night? Want to treat your date with a sweet treat? A new mattress from the best mattresses 2019 is not the only way to spice up your night. Chocolate can never let you down. Try out these dishes and recipes by Gordon Ramsay, Hidamari, Spice Bangla and Home Cooking Adventure and make your date night a little bit sweeter.

Chocolate as the main course.

Who would have known that chocolate can be made savory? Although chocolate is most popularly known as a favorite dessert treat and ingredient it can also be used as an ingredient for a savory Venison Dish. Want something fancy and not so typical? Here’s dish that’s sure to impress your date. Explore the possibilities of chocolate by cooking up this Venison with red wine and chocolate dish by Gordon Ramsay – a perfect dinner meal to be served with red wine.

An impressive dessert even without an oven

If you are one of those people who do not have an oven at home, try out this recipe by Hidamari – an impressive decadent dessert perfect for college students who live in boarding houses or for those who do not own a proper kitchen at home. This no-bake chocolate cheesecake by Hidamari offers an impressive appearance with the gradients in the body of the desert and as well as a decadent taste with its use of cream, coffee, and of course chocolate – surely a dessert to impress.

If having too many ingredients overwhelms you, how about a simple 2-ingredient dessert? A homemade treat that can be eaten for movie night.

 Food for date nights doesn’t necessarily have to be fancy or costly, sometimes something made from your heart can also make the cut. First time in the kitchen but want to create something homemade for your special someone? try out this simple chocolate fudge recipe by Spice Bangla.

If you feel like the previous two suggestions is too sweet or too filled with cream for your taste or for your date’s taste, then how about a healthier alternative?

Try out this Chocolate Peanut Butter Oat Bar recipe by Home cooking adventures. A recipe packed with flavor but is still relatively guilt free – perfect for couples who are watching their weight or is looking to reduce some pounds. Plus, you may keep the extras for tomorrow morning and pair it with a cup of cocoa or cup of coffee for a nice breakfast treat.