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4 Chocolates For Your Next Road Trip

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We know it’s the week after Thanksgiving. But is there ever an honest time to not eat chocolate, especially on the road? These assorted confectioners make a range of disposition-enhancing chocolates you’ll either render stores or order to stay readily available for road trips. Now aside from getting the number of a reliable towing service provider such as Towing San Jose in case of emergencies, getting these chocolates will surely make your road trip the best road trip ever!

Dark Chocolate Vegan Wiki Wiki Balls

Dingle Berries and Pele Lava Rocks. The Wiki Wiki Balls are bite-sized, dark, salty, and coco-fire delightful. All products are hand-crafted at the initial factory store in Kainaliu, Hawaii.

Justin’s White Paste Chocolate Cup

Founded in 2004 by Justin Gold and headquartered in Boulder, CO, Justin’s makes naturally palate-pleasing nut butter, spread snacks, and organic spread cups. You’ve probably seen their single-shot nut butter on shelves of supermarkets, which make great on-the-go snacks whether spread on something or simply squirted directly into one’s mouth. Our hands-down favorite Justin’s experience is their devastating chocolate spread cup, available in packs of two, 12, and 72.


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Vosges Chocolates

Owner and chocolatier Katrina Markoff learned the art of French confectionery at Le sous-chef in Paris; she personally chooses every spice, flower, and chocolate that’s flown into her kitchen, where she transforms them into the best chocolates. Markoff fuses rare spices and flowers in her premium, out-of-this-world truffles like Mexican flavourer and Argentinean dulce de leche. Especially recommended is that the spread and Banana chocolate candy.

Toblerone Jumbo Chocolate Candy

Toblerone’s deservedly well-known for his or her distinctive triangular break-off milk, dark and chocolate. But did you recognize you’ll} buy an ultra-jumbo Toblerone bar weighing in at a touch over 9 pounds and which costs $126?