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A Mouth-Watering News about Chocolates and Ice Cream from Ferrero

The latest news about chocolates is that Italy’s leading confectionery manufacturer, Ferrero, has released ice cream bars featuring its popular chocolate flavors. Ferrero Rocher and Rafaello are now available as ice cream treats in sticks, to which the Ferrero Rocher ice cream comes in tow variants, the Rocher Classic and the Rocher Dark for those who prefer the bittersweet taste of chocolate in their ice cream. .

Although the news of Ferrero’s ice cream release spread immediately across social media, the news probably reached ice cream lovers in select European nations only, namely Italy, Austria, Spain and France, as availability of the ice creams is limited to these countries. The icy treats will be available in the United Kingdom by this summer. Although there are reports that they will soon be available in Singapore, it is yet unclear when the Italian company will be able to close deals for the ice creams’ release in Asian countries.

Based on images spreading across social media sites, the highly-recognisable chocolate hazelnut balls are conventionally wrapped in golden foil; except that they have turned into ice cream products that will foray in the cold dessert markets in time for summer. .

Ferrero Ice Cream in Sticks Stay Constant to the Original

Parallel to the original confectionery, the Raffaello ice cream bar is made from coconut ice cream coated with almond bits and grated coconut. The Ferrero Rocher ice cream bars on the other hand is a combination of hazelnut ice cream dipped in chocolate hazelnut sauce with crispy wafer pieces.

Director of Trade Marketing and Business Development at Ferrero France, Mssr. Frédéric Coti, hopes that the new ice cream treats are just the beginnings of their journey for this new category. Sounds exciting is Ferrero is also known for their Kinder and Nutella brands.