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Basics of Buying Chocolate Fountain

It doesn’t matter what kind of event or social gathering you are hosting whether it is a:

  • Wedding
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Graduation

Seeing a chocolate fountain is certain to bring joy to people’s faces. If you’re thinking of buying one, then you have to know what kind of fountain to get. One thing that you have to bear in mind is that, not all chocolate fountains are the same. Try visiting firmagaver and you are bound to see tons of different options for different events and needs.

Having said that, being able to find the one that is most suited to your preferences ensure that you would get what you have paid for.

Considerations before making Decisions

Now, the moment that you’re finally decided to buy one, here are few things that you may want to be aware of.

It’s Purpose

Nowadays, the chocolate fountains advertised in the market are mostly designed for commercial purposes like catering as well as large buffet. For these commercial fountains, it is normal for it to reach a size of 20 to 50 inches and normally holds roughly 35lbs of melted chocolate.

These fountains are made from food-grade stainless steel that’s partnered by their size, making it among the most expensive in the market.

As for chocolate fountains intended for home use however, they are oftentimes smaller and usually a combination of stainless steel and plastic which drastically lowers the price.

How Big You need it Be?

A general rule here is, the bigger the fountain, the more chocolate it could hold and the more it is able to serve. If ever the fountain is designed to be used by a minimum of 24-people, then opting for a big commercial fountain is preferable. It’s for the simple reason that it contains more chocolate and therefore, can serve more people throughout the event before refilling it. On the other hand, say that the fountain will be used by roughly 10 people, then a smaller version would be a smarter choice.

Lastly, regardless of the purpose and size of chocolate fountain you will be buying, make sure that it has good warranty and know what will be covered in it as well.