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Chocolate As Your Post-Workout Food? It Might Actually Be Good For You

If there is one macro-nutrient that a fitness or bodybuilding enthusiast would wish to consume all-day and all-week, that would be protein. It is responsible for muscle growth and repair after a strenuous workout at the gym. It is also a much-needed nutrient in hypertrophy training, wherein you are aiming to make your muscles bigger at the expense of your unwanted visceral fat.

If protein is considered as a gym goer’s bestfriend, then carbohydrates would be his or her enemy. And what is a major source of carbs? Sweets. No wonder why many fitness-conscious people are saying a hard no when they are offered with desserts, particularly chocolates.

For one, carbs is never an enemy if you are into making your body fit and healthy. You might also want to think twice about refusing to eat chocolate when you have the chance, as chocolate might actually be a good addition to your after-workout meal for better results.

The Benefits Of Eating Chocolate After Workout

As already mentioned, carbohydrates must not be completely disregarded in your daily meal. Getting rid of carbs from your diet could actually cause negative effects in your body, including severe fatigue during and after your workout due to lack of energy. Carbs is your number one source of energy when you are pumping iron at the gym. If you don’t have enough carbs to lift some weights, your protein would only go to waste because you just don’t have enough energy for your muscle training.

The exact thing can be said about eating chocolate to fuel up your workout sessions. Consuming chocolate, either by the means of eating solid chocolate or drinking chocolate, is proven to speed up a person’s recovery rate after a high-intensity workout.  Cocoa is known to have antioxidants and a special nutrient called epicatechin, which aids in loosening up the blood vessels and promote blood flow for a more effective workout. Aside from its amazing effects on your workout, eating chocolate, especially the dark kind, can actually increase your chances to beat COVID-19.

To make it extra effective, you can choose to eat chocolates with bits of nuts as your protein source. A good combination of carbohydrates and protein would be the best post-workout meal to make your muscles thicker and fuller after recovery. After getting that rocking physique after your workout, you can think about sharing your progress pictures online. Although, you may want to buy tiktok followers first so that more people can see your posts.