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Growing Brand Awareness Through Instagram Contest

Instagram accounts that hold contests can do up to 70% faster follower growth than accounts without games.
If you wish for a preferred Instagram account, bobbing up with and executing some Instagram contest ideas may be a great start.
In this post, we’ll explore how you’ll use Instagram contests to lift brand awareness for your business.
We’ll also dive into those practices to stay in mind when running your contests.
By the end, you’ll know the way to run a successful Instagram contest that will bring your business the eye it deserves. You could also gain support through comprar likes Instagram.

Why Instagram Contests Are a Decent Idea
There are other ways to induce more Instagram followers, but there are other methods can increase the number of your followers so quickly and with such minimal effort.
Posts associated with Instagram contests tend to earn roughly 64x more comments and three.5x more likes than ‘normal’ content.

Instagram content ideas
Posts with most comments are contests. All of those stats show that running Instagram contests is among the simplest ways to boost brand awareness.
If you’re worried about being stuck during a cycle of continually churning out contests, beat the name of boosting brand awareness, but; you don’t have to continuously run games to reap the advantages that good Instagram contest ideas offer.

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You will notice a trickle-down effect on the remainder of your regular content due to running competition. People will feel a greater affinity towards your brand because of the goodwill you’ve generated together with your battles.

As an outcome, they will be more likely to share and interact along with your regular content.
Contests generate more followers, there will be more people exposed to your content. This increases the likelihood that share and engagement levels are going to be more than ‘pre-contest levels.

Best Practices for Running Contests on Instagram
Before you run your first contest, you wish to bear in mind some critical best practices. Failure to follow a number of these best practices could mean that you’re going against the foundations of Instagram.
It could also cause your contest to produce lackluster results, which might amount to plenty of wasted effort.

What are these best practices?
The first is to create sure that you write a transparent and detailed description for your contest.
When writing the outline for your content, make sure to cover:

What the foundations are
What people have to do to be eligible
Any restrictions on who can enter
The prize
The deadline
When you will announce the winner
Doing things this fashion makes it easy for you to remain on the right side of the promotion guidelines provided by Instagram.