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How To Tell Fortunes On Chocolate

If you like all sorts of divination and believe in magic and mysticism, try telling fortunes on the sweets available at home. It’s fun and non-standard, and maybe in such a non-trivial way, it will be possible to look into the future.

Fortune telling on chocolate

Chocolate is the most common sweet. Almost everyone loves it, and it will not be difficult to find props for this type of fortune-telling even without prior preparation. In addition, it is this confectionery miracle that is endowed with mystical properties.

Fortune telling with champagne

Divide the tile into small pieces among all participants. Put a slice of chocolate in a glass filled with champagne or sparkling wine and watch it. If the sweetness does not sink into the liquid, you will also stay afloat in the near future and not have to worry about financial difficulties. But the owners of a glass in which chocolate has sunk to the bottom should be wary of problems with money.

Interpretation of Dreams Ibn Sireen

On chocolate eggs

Buy eggs according to the number of fortunetellers so that everyone can choose their own. This divination can be practiced in a company where there are children. They will gladly unwrap an egg with a surprise, eat its sweet part and play with a souvenir. For fortune-telling, you actually need not the candy itself, but the toy hidden in it. It is she who will symbolize the upcoming trials or acquisitions. Use your imagination to interpret.

Chocolate Eggs: An Alternative

This requires preliminary preparation and gives more serious results. In seven plastic containers from Kinder Surprise, put a coin, a paper bill, a ring, a piece of bread, an onion, and an eraser. These items will mean for the fortuneteller, respectively: financial loss, profit, fun and entertainment, early marriage, stability and prosperity, tears, an abundance of work, and vain labor.

Box of candy with predictions

This type of fortune-telling and Interpretation of Dreams Ibn Sireen (تفسير الاحلام ابن سيرين) involves the interpretation of different types of filling, so a box of assorted chocolates will be the optimal sweetness. Each of the fortune-tellers in turn chooses a candy and takes a bite, showing the filling. Creamy foreshadows a romantic relationship or a new love. Chocolate means passion in a couple and success at work, grilled filling means difficulties and obstacles, a nut in a candy means an unexpected gift, and alcohol filling means fun and many evenings in pleasant company.