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Surprising Things You Can do With Chocolate

Sure, chocolate is the best on its own, you can’t just get enough with the delight that it is. You can either eat it alone, have it over on a cup of tea, or dip a bread on it.  But sometimes you want a little more. A lot more.

Because it’s the weekend and calories definitely don’t count, it is the perfect excuse to devour a little bit or a little more of that chocolate. So, why not use this as an opportunity to stuff chocolate into everything you possibly can?

If you’re not yet as excited as we are, imagine melted chocolate swirled into ice cream, chocolate caramel slice, rich ganache to dip strawberries into, rich hot chocolate, homemade chocolate bars… okay, we’ll stop.

Chocolate Filled Food

We all love chocolate! I mean, who else doesn’t?

Whether you prefer an intense dark, creamy milk, or sweet white chocolate, basically we can only agree on one thing- any time is a good time to indulge. And chocolate is definitely one of our favorites.

So here are a few tips on how you can make your chocolates even more delightful.

Chocolate Ganache

Ask everyone, but this is basically the best chocolate base dessert ever. You can even use it as a glaze, or even icing for cake or even more as a sauce and it can also be a delicious filling for pastries. Most likely, people enjoy this as a dip.

Strawberry Dip

Now that you have your chocolate ganache, you can definitely use it creatively in eating your favorite strawberry stored inside the fridge. You can try placing fresh strawberries on skewers and dipping them into the ganache.

Cookie Dough

Everybody’s favorite is a chocolate cookie dough! Just imagine you are stuffing a donut hole with cookie dough, that’s crazily a delightful treat. Don’t forget to make a separate chocolate dip too!  Chocolate chips officially took it over the top.

Chocolate Caramel Slice

Chocolate and caramel definitely go well together. If you want to take the chocolate one step further, turn on that oven and make a gooey caramel slice topped with thick, rich chocolate.

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