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Vloggers Join Chocolate Candy Music Video Making Contest

Chocolate candies

Vlogging is nowadays, with more and more audiences searching for imaginative and original content. Whether you are a content founder or an aspiring one, those clips in the Nips PopFest can motivate you to take the dip and kickstart your vlogging profession. See the movies below!

Caution: Uncontrollable dance, important LSS, along with a craving for Nips chocolate are all ensured.

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Pinaka HaNIPS Award: Share the Colorful World of Nips! #NipsAtHeart
From Abigail Jashael Venida Bagabaldo

The winner of this P100,000 grand trophy is all about artist Abigail, that employed stop-motion, singing, dancing, and animation to create her movie. Interesting fact: every frame took to create! #goals

Mas HaNIPS Award: Paint the Planet in Rainbows
From Jhun Art De la Cruz Sager

Jhun Art resides to his title together along with his creative and artistic interpretation of this Nips jingle. This video’s stars dance and sang NIPS with silly expressions. One for the books!

HaNIPS celebrity: BON (Bag of Nips) VOYAGE
From Michael Bernardo Golez

Aspiring travel vlogger Michael takes his audiences on a trip around his hometown going underwater occasionally, in his highly interesting movie. Does not this make you need to go in an experience?

HaNIPS Sa Tales celebrity: BUNDAK (Stomp of the Feet)
From Lyle Ceros de Paz

Using its groovy choreography and prosperity of Nips, it is not surprising that Lyle’s movie turned into a runaway crowd-pleaser. It will make you need to venture outside and dancing, along together with your pack of Nips!

On its third season, the Nips PopFest audio movie-making competition acquired over 100 video entrances and obtained over 30,000 votes from all around the nation. The movies have been declared in the industry on November 18! Market! Task Center, in which countless Nips lovers gathered to celebrate music, art, and style whilst rediscovering their lively sides.

The guests had a blast trying out the numerous activities on the occasion. There was a photo booth, a T-shirt style stall, classes, a jar decorating stall, and a room where you belt outside the Nips jingle with props that are amazing and could dance.

Members were free to sing and to dance showcasing the very best of art.

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