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10 Desirable Things You can Create with Chocolate

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Most people I know love chocolate, well who doesn’t, really? you can eat it on its own since it really is bets on its own especially with a glass of red wine or with an afternoon cup of tea. But there are time when we want something a little more. Maybe a lot more.

Good news is that there are many stuff you can do with chocolate to make it a bit creative. You can try it during weekends, probably your cheat days, Why not use it as an opportunity to stuff chocolate into everything you possibly can? If you are the type of person who loves to cook, provide you with a list on how you can creatively cook  using chocolate.

If you’re not yet as excited as we are, imagine melted chocolate swirled into ice cream, chocolate caramel slice, rich ganache to dip strawberries into, rich hot chocolate, homemade chocolate bars… okay, we’ll stop.

Here are some of the amazing things you can create with chocolate: 

1. Make a chocolate ganache– you have probably heard of this as the best chocolate dessert base ever. You can use it as a glaze, icing for cake, and even filling for delicious pastries. It is just very easy, you just need a packet of chocolate and double cream, as well as a double boiler.

2. Dip some fruits in your chocolate ganache– once you have made your ganache, it is time to be creative. Try placing fresh strawberries or skewers.

3. Add chocolate ganache to pastry

Why stop at fruit and nuts? Buy some puff pastry from the supermarket, fill with ganache and fillings of your choice (pro tip: go for hazelnuts and a pinch of salt), roll up and bake.

Or, buy ready-to-eat pastry or tart shells and fill with the chocolate ganache. Instant gratification.

5. Make chocolate bark

One of the easiest chocolate desserts you can make is chocolate bark. If you haven’t tried chocolate bark before, all it requires is melting a block of chocolate, pouring on a baking tray and adding on your favourite dry ingredients.

For ideas, try topping the bark with nuts and raisins, shredded coconut, crushed biscuits or lollies. You can also swirl two types of chocolate for a marbled effect.