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Give Your Windows 10 A Chocolatey Sweet Treat

Chocolates are enjoyed and loved by humans as it can relieve stress, take away emotions and pain, and reduce despair. However, this sweet treat can also be enjoyed by your computer software. Wonderin’ how? Through a windows package manager known as Chocolatey.

In the technological field, chocolates are being used to power a factory. More so, it can also be used for Windows 10 to download and install various apps. It can also remove or even upgrade different software from numerous sources over the web. All these can be possible without leaving the computer screen. But, before going deeper, let us first be clear with what a package manager is all about.

Windows 10 Package Managers

Package managers allow someone to download a certain app to a computer or mobile device. Moreover, package managers also permit the following actions:

  • Download and at the same time install software without navigating to various web sources.
  • Check if packages are not tampered to prevent malware from attacks of MITM.
  • Install many packages simultaneously.
  • Delete and upgrade packages.
  • Look for more packages.

Package Manager Chocolatey Basic Information and Installation

Installing Chocolatey follows numerous processes. But, the focus for now is the installation by default. Basically, in a folder C:ProgramData which is a secret folder in windows that needs permission from Windows Administrator, Chocolatey may do a self installation.

In case, there is no Windows Administrator function connected to the account of the computer, Chocolatey should be commanded to install to another location. Simply detail the $Env:ChocolateyInstall variable. The common location for installation of lots of packages are in the C:\ProgramFiles or C:\ProgramFiles (x86).

Copying files to C:\ProgramFiles folder, users need to have Administrator privileges.

Step-by-step Process to Install Chocolatey

  1. Access the Start Menu
  2. Type in the Start Menu bar the text ‘Powershell’.
  3. Open and run Powershell as Administrator.
  4. Click Yes at the notification window.
  5. Learn ways on pasting text into the Powershell.
  6. Establish the execution program.
  7. Download and run the Chocolatey package manager.
  8. Check and confirm Chocolatey.

However, in case there are errors experienced while using Windows 10, look for Melt Comics for troubleshooting and error fixing.