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Are You Into Techwear Style And Chocolate-Inspired Style?

Style can be defined in various ways. Some describe it as your choice of clothes or the manner of how you dress, whereas others interpret style as something that is within a person. However, if you really look into it, style can be a bit of both.

What’s Your Style?

Unlike fashion which constantly changes, style is something that is unique to each person. Whether it is their way of dressing, their choice of footwear, accessories, hairdo, make up, or even their way of life, is a personal preference tailored to match and reflect one’s individuality, personality or self-identity. 

Fashion Forward Outfits By Techwear Style

Although style is something that is unique to a person, it is most often influenced by something. Outfits and accessories by Techwear style, for instance, are inspired by futuristic games, television shows, and movies, as well as heavily influenced by Japanese culture, calligraphy, pop art and, of course, anime. 

Being fashion forward, techwear frequently makes use of ultra modern fabrics which are typically utilized only for mountaineering and outdoor gear. Techwear pants and coats are usually designed with multiple pockets, and are loose and baggy to allow the wearer to put on layers, but still provide them comfort and room to move.

One can identify standard outfits by techwear style as it puts together a futuristic look with a pair of black, polyester and nylon cargo pants, black tee or a printed long-sleeved shirt, and multi-pocket flowy roomy coat. A black ball cap, faux combat gear, such as combat boots or a bulletproof type like vest, black high-top sneakers, or a hoodie underneath the coat are also usually worn. To complete the techwear style, a mask is also worn as an element of what they call the dystopian style. So, if you are into such, you’ll surely love the outfits by Techwear style.

Chocolate-Inspired Style For Chocoholics

Whether a music genre, a certain period in time, culture, art, or something else, style can be influenced or inspired by anything. Together with one’s personal preferences, one is able to create, combine, or put together a personalized and unique look.

In the fashion industry, many are inspired by chocolate, from its color to its taste. In fact, the color of chocolate is associated with tradition, conservatism and stability. It is also said to be a color that is one of the noblest, embodying simplicity, harmony and self-confidence. Because it is elegantly simple, chocolate colored outfits can be for everyday use.

On the other hand, many make-up brands are also inspired by chocolate, and even collaborate with famous chocolate brands to create a collection of limited-edition chocolate-inspired make-up. From different shades of chocolate color eyeshadows to chocolate flavored lip tints, chocoholics will definitely include them in their style.