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Cadbury Addresses Childhood Obesity By Decreasing the Size of Fudge Bars

Cadbury addresses childhood obesity by cutting down by 12% the size of the fudge bars included in the company’s Christmas box, shrinking the bar to 22 grams.

In doing so, the chocolate bars will not have more than 100 calories per piece. This is the second year that Cadbury introduced such changes in the Santa selection boxes since the item was released in 2018, when the package weight dropped from 169g down to the current 150g today.

The UK Heightened Calls to Address Obesity in Relation to COVID-19 Findings

Earlier this year and after the COVID-19 broke out, the UK government started a campaign promoting Better Health. Weight-loss is seen as way to better prepare British citizens in case a second wave occurs.

The campaign was introduced to the public since several studies have shown that the coronavirus is more likely to infect overweight people. According to the Public Health England’s data, around two-thirds are categorized as either obese or overweight after measuring their BMI or body mass index.

Being One with the Movement to Address Childhood Obesity

A Cadbury spokesperson told The Independent that the company is dedicated in participating with the campaign to address the issue of childhood obesity. Since 2014, they have been giving their consumers so-called “portion control options” that aim to maintain a 100 calorie limit on the chocolates and biscuits commonly bought by parents for their children.

Another action taken by the chocolate manufacturer was in 2017, in which Fudge bars were replaced with Dairy Milk Oreo bars in the Christmas selection packs. Unfortunately, fans of Fudge bars were not happy with the change, as some even claimed that it ruined their Christmas. As a result, Cadbury had to return the Fudge Bars in the Christmas Box selections but implemented changes by cutting down the size of the bars. .

The Dairy Milk bars on the other hand, already underwent changes in 2018 when the company cut down by 30%, the sugar content of each chocolate bar.