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Chocolate: healthy or unhealthy?

It cannot be denied that chocolate comes in several flavors. But regardless of whether it is white, dark or milk chocolate – they all have one thing in common: Chocolate is not exactly healthy because it contains a lot of fat and sugar and therefore also a lot of calories.


Chocolate: calories and ingredients

Chocolate is rich in sugar and fat and therefore healthy at first. Depending on whether it is white, milk or dark chocolate, the ingredients can vary slightly.

White chocolate is said to be the unhealthiest of the three variants. On average, it has the most calories and also contains the most sugar. Milk chocolate has a similar number of calories but it contains a little less sugar.

In comparison, dark chocolate is the healthiest choice compared to the other variants.

Does chocolate make you happy?

The mood-enhancing effect that the sweet treat is said to have, however, cannot be fully explained by the ingredients. The effect they have is too little for that. Psychological factors are probably also responsible for the fact that chocolate makes you happy. Because when you eat it, your reward system is activated and thus the neurotransmitter dopamine and endorphins are released.

Positive effect on health

Consumption of chocolate – especially dark chocolate – can cause the levels of heart-protecting antioxidants to rise sharply for some time. Because cocoa powder contains certain flavonoids, which have a positive effect on the heart and blood pressure. They ensure that the vessels become more elastic and thus the blood pressure drops.

Risk of obesity and complications

While dark chocolate can have positive health effects, it should be remembered that chocolate is a candy that is high in fat, sugar, and calories. Those who regularly consume larger amounts significantly increase their risk of obesity and the associated cardiovascular diseases. The likelihood of developing tooth decay also increases.

Dark chocolate only in moderation

Although dark chocolate contains less sugar and fewer calories than other types, you should only consume the candy in moderation whether you are at work or traveling. You may visit travelthatsfun for travel tips.

Because dark chocolate contains a particularly large amount of cocoa powder, which – depending on the location of the cocoa tree – can be contaminated with cadmium.

Cadmium is a chemical element that, in large quantities, can cause damage to kidneys and bones. The introduction of a limit value for cadmium in chocolate is repeatedly called for, but the implementation is still pending.