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Intricate Process of Chocolate Making

Manufacturing safe baby items take meticulous eyes to pass quality tests and assurance. This is why people look at the baby items checklist ( to make sure they are buying safe items for their children.

But when it comes to the creation of chocolates, it takes a keen eye to ensure that cocoa taken from trees will yield high-quality chocolates. As a matter of fact, manufacturing chocolate bar undergoes several steps and each step demands careful treatment in an effort to achieve the best final product.

In the next lines, we will take a quick look on the overview of perfecting chocolate bar manufacturing.


Every 6 months, ripe cocoa are harvested which varies from the region. The pods are cut open and its white pulp contains the cocoa beans that are scooped out


Pods and the pulp are then placed in big wooden containers for it to ferment in the next 5 to 7 days. This is the initial stage to develop that distinctive chocolate flavor.


After fermentation, it is dried which is carried out by spreading the beans in a single layer in the sun.

Majority of the beans are transferred in sacks and then transported around suppliers to avoid mold. At this point, it is integral that the beans are dried completely.


This is performed by the chocolate maker. Both the process and the equipment used in roasting the cocoa beans will vary depending on the chocolate maker. The exact roast time and temperature are all part of the maker’s own recipe.

Cracking and Winnowing

Roasted cocoa beans have this papery, thin sell around it that ought to be removed. At this stage, the beans are then cracked and opened and the shell is removed. The process is otherwise called winnowing.

Grinding & Conching

Cocoa nibs are grounded using stone rollers until such time that it becomes a paste-like texture or also known as cocoa liquor or cocoa mass. The cocoa butter may be extracted from cocoa mass using hydraulic press which is pretty useful since most chocolate makers normally use extra cocoa butter to give the chocolate with glossier and smoother texture. In fact, the cocoa butter is the sole fat you can find in real chocolate.