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Chocolate, Coffee and Your Brain

“You are what you eat”, a famous quote or line we encounter and read. An interpretation of, if you eat healthy food, you will be healthy, but if you are into junk food, or processed ones, expect to have a weaker body.

Chocolate and coffee, two of those that people consume on a regular basis. Are these healthy? The benefits of a drink or a food will vary on someone’s intake. It will also depend on how consistent he/she is in consuming it.

Study shows that chocolate and coffee are good for the brain. It can make you smarter and your brain even healthier and resilient. It improves the brain’s cognitive performance and sustain clear effect on the brain’s network activity.

The substance that can be found in coffee and in dark chocolate protects a person from neuronal dysfunction that cause some diseases.

If you want your brain to be flexible and healthy, you should consider drinking coffee everyday. Research on how much you should be taking in a day, the best time to drink it (since some drinkers cannot sleep properly at night if they drink it before bedtime). In case what you have researched regarding how much coffee you have to drink in a day is too much for you, replace some portions with dark chocolate. In this way, you will be consuming both without guilt.

Also think of purchasing the best coffee grinder for french press. A natural and brewed coffee is healthier than instant ones. So if you want to get the real benefits of your favorite drink, invest and drink the natural ones and pair it with a portion of nice dark chocolate bar. Just like your skin care, you have to do this religiously to help your own body and brain adjust and see the amazing effects everybody wants to experience.