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How to Take Photos of Food to Appear More Tasty

The profession of a food photographer is not a new profession that arises when food photography is rising and rising, it’s just that this profession is becoming a quite promising one. Cafes, restaurants, and brands are increasingly realizing that product photos are no longer just ordinary promotional photos and are more focused on attractive captions or text. If the visual is enough to taste the taste, then sometimes the caption is no longer needed.

Lighting is Important
“Just like other types of photography, light plays an important role in food photography. By slightly manipulating the light source, it will make us able to make good photos into extraordinary photos. And my personal preference is natural light, and I will try to take as many photos as I can while there is still sunlight, “ said Sudeshna, a photographer from Bengali Cuisine. But, of course, there are alternatives like the use of pendant lights Brisbane.

Indeed, many reveal that the best lighting for photos is natural light. And one of the tricks to being able to make an interesting portrait for chocolate is to sit near the restaurant window. That way we can get natural light(pendant lights sydney) and the possibility of getting help light reflected from the ceiling until the lighting becomes more balanced. And who knows, there will be an additional shadow from the window trellis that can make the photo even better.

Arrange Food Before Being Photographed
Food appearance is important. Because no matter what techniques we apply and how sophisticated the tools are used, this will not be useful if the food object that we aim at is not attractive both in terms of shape or color.

Therefore, before photographing food we need to see if the composition of the food is in its best condition, nothing has spilled out of the plate. Because when the plate does not look clean, and we take close-up shots, food objects will look messy and food spots will appear clearly. In addition, the aesthetics of the photo will not be maintained and have no selling power for the audience.

Simplify the Object
Simplicity might be the key so the food photos we produce can really stand out. Because after all the dishes that we aim at are the main characters in our frames later. And if we add too many components in these foods, it can actually make people who see it do not focus on the important things that actually want to show.

Add Action to our Food Photos
Maybe we have been invited to take a picture of a chef when he wants to demonstrate his menu. That way we can add in the picture that we produce is the action of the chef. For example, when the chef is grating chocolate, pouring soup, sprinkling cheese and so on.

Looking for the Best Angle

The right angle will certainly not betray the results, because it has a single angle that will make it appear more appetizing. And when we fail to determine the right angle, it could be that the resulting image becomes flatter and less attractive. It takes extra patience to find the best angle.