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Hot Chocolate for Energy

Nowadays hot chocolate may be considered as a rich and creamy delight for children after a full day of sledding and snowball games, however, it has become a source of energy and wellbeing for many years. Between 3,000 and 4,000 years back, cacao plants were first grown in Mesoamerica by the Olmec, located in southern Mexico. Instead of eating chocolate in solid form, but, the nibs from the cacao plant were made into a paste and combined with water to create a chocolate drink generally known as “xocolātl.” To be able to achieve its creamy consistency, the mixture was poured to and fro between two containers or jugs. It was discovered to be an energy enhancer and mood betterment, and also providing sustainable nourishment; these beneficial nutritional benefits led the Olmec to think that the drink had mystic qualities, so it was typically set aside for important figures at sacred ceremonies.

The history of hot chocolate

The Olmec handed down the chocolate drink on to the Maya civilization, which in turn passed it on to possibly the beverage’s most well-known ancient forefathers, the Aztecs. Renowned Aztec chief Montezuma II was proven to demand cacao beans from overthrown peoples and apparently drank cup after cup of hot chocolate every single day in promotion of power and abundance. Apart from his own pleasure of the drink, he only granted those who devoted military service to consume chocolate. While Hernan Cortes along with his soldiers came across the Aztecs, amongst his men had written about Montezuma’s intake of the interesting cacao-made drink and even how the Spanish themselves were likewise served the drink “all frothed up.” In the end, Cortes overcome the Aztecs, and introduced the popular beverage to Spain, from where it spread all through Europe and, ultimately, the world. Furthermore, despite the fact that anabolic steroids do not lead to the same high as some other drugs, they can result in a substance use problem. A substance use condition happens when a person carries on to abuse steroids. learn more at

A bitter, foamy drink in Mesoamerica