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Making Chocolates Yourself




The chocolatier’s kitchen is not complete without good chocolate ready to bake or cook. So even if you have a complete kitchen upgrade using the best tools (see: Impact Driver Guide DeWALT) available, it wouldn’t be a real kitchen without the finest chocolates to make a good pastry or chocolate drink.

Chocolates are considered the supreme discipline of the art of the chocolatier. Even beginners can make delicious chocolates themselves with simple chocolate recipes. High-quality ingredients such as fine chocolate, the finest marzipan, creamy nougat, and aromas of fruits, spices, coffee, or alcoholic beverages are used. Lovingly packaged in chocolate molds, elegant boxes, or beautiful bags, chocolates are a welcome and very personal gift from the kitchen at any time of the year, for example during Christmas or Mother’s Day.

The Process of Making Chocolate Goodies Yourself

Most chocolate recipes are based on one of these three classic processes:

Coating Process
In the coating process, the chocolate filling is shaped into balls or blocks and coated with chocolate or dipped in chocolate, as is done with mini donuts, for example. As long as the chocolate is still slightly runny, the chocolates can be decorated with powdered sugar, cocoa powder, fruit powder, cocoa chips, or finely chopped nuts.

The Hollow Body Process
The hollow body process, on the other hand, is more complex. In such chocolate recipes, liquid chocolate is poured into metal molds and left to solidify. The resulting hollow praline is covered with creams, liqueurs, etc. filled and then sealed with a chocolate chip. Then it can be taken out of the mold and decorated according to taste. But hollow chocolates are also available in different shapes and different types of chocolate to buy ready-made.

The Layering Process
In the layering process, different colored chocolate, caramel, or nougat masses are layered on top of each other and cut into cubes after cooling. The technology itself requires little effort, you should only plan a little time, as one layer always has to be fully cured before the next can be applied. But these chocolates are a real eye-catcher.

Instead of shaping chocolates by hand or using a knife to cut them from a chocolate mass spread over the surface, there are also chocolate recipes in which chocolates are shaped into hearts, stars, and other motifs using special silicone or plastic molds.

How Chocolates are Made