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Simple Harry Potter DIY Chocolate Frogs

Can you still remember the scene in the Hogwartsexpress in the first film? Harry and Ron have just met and Harry is shopping for lots of candy. Among other things, there are also chocolate frogs and Ron warns Harry, but his frog makes an exit through the open window. This is one of my favorite scenes from the first film. Since that moment I want to have my own chocolate frogs.

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The “magical” chocolate frogs

The popular snack among Hogwarts students – can be ordered on the Internet – but it’s quite expensive.

But since I really wanted the frogs as a “give-away”, I just made them myself. There are some great ways to make chocolate frogs, but they are also complex and expensive because you have to buy a mold and melt the chocolate first. The idea for a simpler option came to me when I was in the metro for the upcoming children’s birthdays and filling the Advent calendar to buy sweets.

I bought a box of green rubber frogs and a pack of dark chocolate couverture.

With little effort, you can have painted sweet little chocolate frogs very quickly and the combination of dark chocolate and fruit gum tastes really delicious!

In order for the “magic” frogs to be presented in a dignified manner, a stylish packaging must of course be found. I found this great template and printed it out in color on a normal printer paper.

Cutting out is a bit time-consuming. Folding and gluing the box together is self-explanatory, easy, and really fun! With a little bit of exercise, it goes really fast!

I think the result is great!

Then I put a thin paper cosmetic towel in the finished box, proudly put the chocolate frog on it, and closed the lid with two small adhesive strips – the first “give-away” is ready. I wish you magical handicrafts …