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Minecraft Survival Servers And How Cocoa Beans Are Used In Minecraft

In its early years, Minecraft is basically mining and crafting. Overtime, so much has been added to make the game more exciting that every so often it could feel like a totally different game. Essentially, Minecraft is still described as an action-adventure sandbox game that offers players a limitless virtual world that they could explore freely.

Minecraft offers a number of gaming modes, ideal for nearly all types of players. If you are a player who leans towards creativity, you’ll definitely enjoy Minecraft’s Creative Mode wherein you can build and craft anything that you can imagine. On the other hand, if you are a player who looks for something more challenging, you could test your skills in Minecraft’s Survival Mode.

Minecraft Survival Servers – Enjoy The Challenge Of Surviving

When it comes to playing survival mode, there are Minecraft Survival Servers that you can check out. These survival servers are quite identical to the Minecraft’s default mode wherein players need to do everything in order to survive which involves gathering resources in order to craft items and build shelters, and where you need to fight off attacks from hostile mobs. Additionally, your character’s activities on survival mode eats away your health as well as your hunger. Hence, you need to survive that too.

While there are a lot of Minecraft Survival Servers available, finding the most suitable world for you could be tricky since every survival server has diverse worlds, quirks, and threats. So, to help you with this, below are a few Minecraft Survival Servers that you will certainly enjoy.

  • Hypixel – IP:
  • Mineplex – IP:
  • Mineville – IP:
  • Herobrine – IP:
  • The Mining Dead – IP:
  • Mox MC – IP:
  • Simple Survival – IP:
  • Applecraft – IP:
  • Earth MC – IP:
  • Orchidia SMP – IP:
  • Vanilla Europa – IP:
  • Lemon Cloud – IP:
  • Lush Survival – IP:
  • Purple Prison – IP:
  • SurviveWithUs – IP:

Crafting on Minecraft – Cocoa Beans and its Uses

Minecraft is made exciting and interesting because it is full of items which includes plants and foods, and one of these is the cocoa bean. Cocoa beans in the actual world are utilized in a lot of food items that we consume just about every day, like chocolate, coffee, and other kinds of desserts. But, in the world of Minecraft, cocoa beans have varied uses.

In Minecraft, cocoa beans are taken from cocoa pods which could be found generating on trunks of standard sized trees in jungle biomes. They could be placed on stripped logs, jungle logs, wood, as well as stripped wood. So, what exactly could cocoa beans in Minecraft be used for? Here are some:

  • COMPOSTING. Composters are used to compost cocoa beans. Composters are blocks that are quite useful for villagers since it converts plant materials and old food into bone meals.
  • BROWN DYE. Create brown dye with cocoa beans which could be utilized to color/dye other items and objects in the game.
  • COOKIES. Make cookies from cocoa beans. These are a great treat after having a hard day building things as cookies could heal player health by almost a tenth. They are created by eights so you could bring along these cookies on brief adventures.
  • FIREWORK STAR. Cocoa beans could be utilized to create fireworks stars in various colors.