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Basics: Chocolate UX Designer Must Know

UX design is all about the usability of websites and products like chocolate. UX design is much more than just web design, it includes the holistic design of all points of contact with the customer, including branding, design, usability and function.

What is a “good” UX design for chocolate?

Your own taste is a bad guide when it comes to judging whether a UX design is good or bad.

UX design is not art: Chocolate

UX Designer

The bait has to taste good to the fish and not to the angler. This is a step in the right direction when it comes to evaluating a bait, in your case a design. In this case, you are the angler together with the customer. The target group of the design is the fish.

Even among the Pisces, however, one will not find a unanimous opinion. So you can just as little rely on the subjective assessment of the target group as on that of the customer. In general, the question of taste, the question of whether something is liked or not, is rather unsuitable for classifying something like a good or bad UX design.

UX design is not an art, it is a method of communication.  A chocolate UX designer who defines himself as an artist may not like that, but that doesn’t detract from the truth of the statement. And since your products are not art, they are not subject to the same conditions.

UX design serves a purpose, mostly the purpose of selling. That is never the case with art. Art is the end in itself. Art should sell, but only itself. Design is much more ambitious.

It is precisely at this point, namely the assessment of the purpose, that you start with the objective criteria that show whether a UX design is good or bad.

Why is there so much bad UX design for chocolate?

Bad UX design is everywhere, good design is still in short supply. You all know far more about bad than good design. You don’t have to be a proven expert to distinguish one from the other. Anyone can do that. However, you require expert knowledge to create a good design. Because the path to good design is paved with many decisions, each of which is easy to make the wrong one.