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Savory Chicken And Sweet Chocolate In One Plate: What’s Not To Like?

Our dining experience will be incomplete without the sweet and delightful dessert. They say that the sweetness of dessert is a good finisher of a scrumptuous meal that we had. It is good to have the flavors flushed away from our mouths with sweets. Perhaps one of the most popular treats served in our dessert is chocolate, being an all-time favorite of children and adults alike.

In this generation, however, food experts have done a little bit of experimenting with our meals. Specifically, chocolate is no longer a confectionery that you will see in your dessert plate. This might surprise you, but chocolate can now be served as the main course! Shocking indeed, and this news might raise some eyebrows, but to those who have already tried this interesting twist, chocolate can be very addicting when blended with savory flavors.

Be Used To Have Chocolate And Chicken Put Together In One Plate

Perhaps you are only used to see chocolate being eaten after every meal, or a cup of hot chocolate drink consumed to give you extra energy for the day. Now, chocolate can be drizzled to savory chicken! This sounds weird, but its taste seems to blend so well with the rich and salty juices of chicken meat.

If you are still not a fan of mixing sweet and salty together, you can adjust the chocolate flavor according to your liking. After all, it is not the chocolate’s sweetness that makes different flavors blend perfectly in our mouths. Cocoa, where chocolate comes from, is not really sweet to begin with. It is up to you if you want to make the chocolate syrup for the chicken extra sweet or not.

Try Adding Chocolate To Other Savory Meal For Some Interesting Twist

Some restaurants have already adapted to this new discovery with chocolate. In Asian cuisine, there is some sort of chocolate sauce partnered with friend and crispy food such as pork belly. If you feel like a sous chef in your kitchen, perhaps you can take risk and find the right food to come with chocolate. This will take some time and patience in your part, but after creating your fantastic recipe with chocolate, all your efforts will be worth it! Just decide which security provider to choose to secure your newfound recipe and your kitchen, Bose or Sonos?