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Still No Word about Netflix’s Charlie and the Chocolate Animation Series

It will interest chocolate lovers to know that Netflix is turning Roald Dahl’s stories into animation series, starting with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. A release date has yet to be confirmed, although Netflix previously announced that production already began in 2019 delayed due to the pandemic that ensued in 2020.

According to Netflix, there will be two animated shows for release. One follow the original story that follows the story of Charlie Bucket, Veruca Salt, Augustus Gloop, Violet Beauregarde, and Mike Teavee suing their trip to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory courtesy of their their golden tickets.

The other animation series features Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory assistant known as Oompa-Loompas. Both shows form part of the series of Roald Dahl stories that include Matilda, The BFG, The Twits, and many others.

As an aside, a Wonka movie is also in the making, and will be released as a live-action film from Netflix starring Timothée Chalamet. Chalamet plays the role of a young Willy Wonka to provide a background story of this chocolate factory inventor and what inspired him to give the golden ticket to children. Still, the official plot for the movie has not been disclosed. Nevertheless, the studio announced earlier this year that the film will be on cinemas by March 23, 2023.

Yet while many eagerly await Netflix shows like these, not everyone can afford to pay for streaming services as they tend to live on a limited budget. Up to now, many still struggle to make ends meet that entertainment news like these are mere reminders of things they cannot afford when they become available. That is why many can relate to the Charlie and the Chocolate movies, as children can indulge in their favorite chocolate bars only if they are able to scrimp and save on their allowance.


How to Access Online Entertainment Free of Charge

This is a reality that has not escaped notice from app developers, who look for solutions that will help other enjoy the better things in life free of charge. Not many are aware that there are apps that will enable them to access free entertainment without having to pay costly subscription fees. Although this app is in violation of piracy laws, major companies like Netflix are not complaining because losses if any, are just a drop in the bucket for them

Anyway, try using a different app if in case you’re anxious that your free streaming can be detected. Actually, there’s a new app for streaming free entertainment called rokkr. According to the rokkr official website, the app does not display advertisements nor access sensitive data on the user’s device. This denotes you can rest assured that your free streaming activities work under ad-free and secure conditions.