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Chocolates: How you see good quality

Elaborate processing into chocolate and cocoa powder

In principle, further processing is done in Europe or North America, not in the growing country. Cocoa beans are washed, roasted, peeled, crushed, and crushed. This creates a tough mass with a high percentage of fat. To make chocolate, manufacturers mix cocoa mass with cocoa butter and sugar, and, depending on the type, milk. Next, spread the chocolate chunks very thinly. The mass is then heated and stirred for several hours. This so-called conching gives the chocolate an elegant taste and allows bitter substances to escape. Chocolate bars, pralines, or chocolate bars can be made from finished chunks.

Different types of chocolate

Depending on the cocoa content, chocolate is more than just chocolate, it can taste from strong tarts to very sweet ones. Variety at a glance:

Dark chocolate has a particularly high cocoa content of over 70%, dark chocolate is about 55%. It contains little or no milk and is solid and consistent. The higher the cocoa content, the stronger the taste of dark chocolate and the sourer it is.

Whole milk or milk chocolate contains cocoa mass and milk or milk powder. It has more sugar, is sweeter, and has more calories than dark chocolate. Their consistency is softer and creamier. If possible, do not store above 20 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, it will begin to melt, lose its scent, and produce whitish spots.

The Couverture differs from the chocolate bar in that it has a high proportion of cocoa butter. As a result, it flows well, has great brilliance, and is ideal for decorating pastries and chocolates. It works as follows: It is best to melt the couverture in a water bath, does not boil the water as the steam will harden the couverture. Do not heat dark couverture above 45 degrees and white chocolate above 40 degrees. When heated, it loses its brilliance.

Good Quality Identification

Chocolate quality can already be read from the list of ingredients. The lower the ingredients in chocolate and the higher the cocoa content, the higher the quality of the product. The use of fine cocoa varieties and the long and gentle treatment (conching) of cocoa beans can justify higher prices.

Enjoying Chocolate Moderately

Nutritionists are advised to use chocolate consciously. If you want chocolate, eat one or two, smell it, and then smoke and enjoy it. Varieties with high cocoa bean content are usually easier to maintain a moderate taste. The taste is so strong that one or two pieces often satisfy your appetite. Not only choosing the best quality of chocolates but also to sell them online like for example to sell csgo skins.