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How to Make Yourself Known as a Musician

Musicians cannot be in the limelight from shadows with finger snaps. Moreover, putting out good songs is no longer enough. Finding your identity as an artist and gathering an audience for your project is a long-term process.

While remaining genuine, you need to capture your audience and use the proper methods to understand what they expect from you. Knowing your fans helps you interact with them as much as possible, but it also develops visibility and, most importantly, better communication strategies to get a bad reputation. Here are some tips for appealing to your audience as a musician.

Use Social Media and Online Platforms

Using data analysis tools on social networks and streaming platforms may be scary at first. Still, some social networks such as Spotify and Apple Music have devised easy-to-use tools to understand your audience better. The Audience section of Spotify For Artists also includes the countries and cities where the songs are most often heard, age groups and genders, and artists who appeal to the audience. Apple Music For Artists has the same option, adding data from Shazam. This data is essential to understand your current audience better and adjust your strategy accordingly. To get more people to listen to your music you can use Spotistar.

Find Music Groups Online

There are many Facebook groups and forums dedicated to a particular genre of music with thousands of fans and insiders. These groups provide an opportunity to overview trends, listening habits, and news and support other musicians.

Join Some Communities

There’s nothing better than meeting professionals and enthusiasts who match your musical world to understand better the audience you’re targeting. Participate in concerts, trade shows, forums, and other music events that suit your style. 

Don’t Try to Please Everyone

Don’t spread to satisfy as many people as possible. Your music project must embody and project your voice. This makes you a unique and original artist. Forcing the mind and mind to win is often a waste of time. It’s up to you to discover your identity to maintain consistency and credibility. This is how your audience equates with you.

Find a Genre Reference

Find the most famous artist in your music genre and use it for reference. Finding a reference artist allows you to have a bass and decide where to go. Start with an accessible artist and take the time to adjust to your level of development and ambition. 

Send yourself hundreds of emails to media and music influencers. It’s free, but it’s a tremendous waste of time for artists’ creative efforts. And most importantly, the media is flooded with email, and artists don’t receive replies, which often leads to incredible frustration.