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Apart from being bittersweet flavor, dark chocolate is remarkably nutritious and healthy. On the other hand, there are numerous brands you can source this from. Of course, no two brandsContinue readingYummy Chocolates

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Investigating the Keywords Chocolate and Investigators

As part of my work, I’m searching for resources for my next post with the idea of relating chocolates and UK private investigators. In the process, I ended up using the keywords – chocolates and detective, chocolate and investigators. The results that Google has for me are varied (I’m surprised that there are really chocolate detectives). Nonetheless, what really caught my attention is The Chocolate Detective founded by Chantal Coady and Chocolate Pocus, a book series for children aged 7 and over.

You have to see The Chocolate Detective website. I specifically like the sketch of a woman holding a magnifying glass examining what I presume to be chocolate in her hand. The sketch alone is unique and it really raises the child in me. The Chocolate detective is Chantal Coady, founder of Rococo Chocolates. She is known as the sustainable chocolate expert.

In this post, I’m going to focus more on Chocolate Pocus as it meets the demands of my research – chocolate and investigators.

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The Chocolate Pocus (Schokuspokus) – Investigating The Lucky Cocoa

Children love chocolate. And children love adventure stories. As soon as they can read the first words and sentences themselves shortly after starting school, many children suddenly develop into proud bookworms. New reading material is in great demand and parents are looking for new, child-friendly books.

Can parents spontaneously fall in love with a children’s book? Yes, that’s actually possible. If you’re obsessed with chocolate and books, as a mom of three, you just can’t go past the “Chocolate Pocus” books. The series for children aged 7 and over consists of 7 volumes. In the story, 7 orphans are looking for the 7 secret ingredients (mysterious, always the darn 7…) of the legendary lucky cocoa. These children live in very strange circumstances. In the orphanage, the chocolate villa, Amanda, Oskar, and their friends have to toil for the nasty, Cruella de Vil-like obsessed director Agathe Hellebore to make the famous “Chocolate Pocus” chocolate. Agathe is determined to find out the recipe for the lucky cocoa. But then the children discover a strange vessel with an old inscription and might be able to forestall her. An adventurous search begins…

With the large font and short chapters, the “Schokuspokus” books are already suitable for first-time readers. The design with many colorful pictures and beautiful illustrations is loving and contains cute details. The extremely tongue-in-cheek allusions to a real chocolate bar on the cover are great: the seal on the cover with cocoa fruit and the slogan “100% finest cocoa adventure”, the funny list of ingredients, instructions for use, and the best-before date on the back. In addition, each chapter has its own symbol that illustrates the content and is reminiscent of typical Mayan iconography. Finally, there are great extras: excerpts from the next volume, information about the Maya and cocoa, decryption puzzles in secret code, and volume 1 contains the recipe for real Maya cocoa.

Final Thoughts

The idea of connecting chocolates and investigation or investigators is a challenge but it was fun in the process. I got to know about a sustainable chocolate website, The Chocolate Detective that has a good cause behind the business. Aside from that, I also had fun with the children’s book series by Maja von Vogel. Although the book is written in German, you can still enjoy the book using a translator. This is worth reading as you follow the adventure of 7 children in their investigative work on chocolates.

Star Wars Cake Pops: It’s Choco Over Cake

What’s even better than a new Star Wars movie or Star Wars books? Clearly a new Star Wars film or book with the right snack! With this recipe, you can make small cake pops from cake batter and lots of chocolate in the shape of Yoda and the Death Star. The perfect snack for the next movie night! Let’s begin.

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Star Wars Cake Pops

Recipe info

Ingredients for about 20 cake pops
Preparation time: 30 minutes + 1.5 hours cooling time

Per serving: 1168 kJ, 279 kcal, 32.4 g carbohydrates, 2.68 g protein, 15.4 g fat, 0.94 g fiber


For the dough:

  • 100 g soft butter
  • 2 tbsp baking cocoa
  • 100 g blueberry jam
  • 400g chocolate cake

For the Yoda Cake Pops:

  • edible sugar eyes
  • 200 g white couverture
  • green food coloring, powder form
  • 10g coconut fat
  • green fondant
  • 100 g green fondant

For the Death Star Cake Pops:

  • gray fondant
  • black food coloring, powder form
  • 10g coconut fat
  • 200 g white couverture

In addition:

  • approx. 20 lollipop sticks
  • 1 styrofoam block


  1. First, use your fingers to crumble the cake into very small pieces. Then put the butter, jam, and cocoa powder in a bowl with the cake crumbs and mix well with your hands. Then form about 20 balls, wrap a plate with cling film, place the balls on top, cover with film, and chill in the fridge for an hour.
  2. In the meantime, you can form little ears for the Yoda cake pops out of the green fondant mass.
  3. Then chop the chocolate and melt it together with the coconut oil in a metal bowl over a hot water bath. Sprinkle in the green food coloring for the Yoda cake pops and mix well. Use the black food coloring for the Death Star cake pops.
  4. Now take the dough balls out of the fridge and first dip a lollipop stick into the chocolate 1 cm deep and then put it in a dough ball. Put the cake pops in the styrofoam block and let the chocolate dry.
  5. When all the sticks have a ball, dip the balls one by one into the chocolate, let them drain briefly, and put them back into the polystyrene block to dry.
  6. You can now plug in your ears and eyes for the Yoda cake pops.
  7. For the Death Star cake pop, poke a hole in the finished cake pop with a toothpick until you can see the dark interior. Now you can paint the typical Death Star pattern with the fondant.

Chocolate and Its Purposes

Chocolate is a candy. It is a dessert everyone loves. Aside from that, what could be the points of eating one?

  1. Chocolate improves mood. Since everyone loves it, it is mostly served after a meal. The saying ” there is always a room for dessert” will never grow old if chocolate will be offered after the main course. Its sweetness will always impact a person’s frame of mind. You might not feel well after eating so much, but will have a high-spirit after being satisfied with a piece of chocolate. It could be shallow for some, but it is actually a fact. It may not work for every people but it definitely works for some. Studies also show that eating chocolate relieves stress and even improves the brain health and enhances its abilities.
  2. It adds up to a memorable occasion. Flowers and letters are already the signal of something is up between two people. Though it should not be a requirement, giving your partner a chocolate is always a thing. Women are sentimental and you will be shocked seeing the chocolate’s wrapper with the written date of the day you gave it to your her.
  3. Chocolate is an energy giver. If you are about to purchase a guitar or starter kits, think of the available schedule where you can play the instrument. And make sure to at least eat some sweets or chocolate to add up to your confidence and enthusiasm while playing. And remember that chocolate contains a lot of sugar so it literally gives anyone the hype.
  4. Chocolate can save life. Despite the sugar a chocolate piece can have, still this dessert can save lives. The best example are diabetic patients. Diabetic should not consume sugar. Too much or not, these people who have the disease should be extra careful when it comes to sugar intake. But also, some diabetic still require some “sweetness” in their system so blood sugar level will not drop down.

Best Foods to Keep You Awake When Playing Video Games


The value of a full night’s rest cannot be overstated, according to health experts. In Australia and the United States, almost 45 percent of individuals do not receive the recommended 7–9 hours of rest. Furthermore , a third of people in the United States suffer with insomnia, which is defined as difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or receiving high-quality sleep.

Continue reading to find out more about certain meals aside from chocolate that might disrupt sleep and keep individuals awake when playing new android games.


Caffeine is a stimulant that works by increasing the activity of the central nervous system. To help them wake up in the morning, many individuals ingest caffeine in the form of coffee. Caffeine may also be found in chocolate, tea, energy drinks, and carbonated beverages like cola.


Despite the fact that alcohol is a depressant, it does not promote peaceful sleep. Although some individuals fall asleep fast after drinking alcohol, they often wake up earlier than normal and find it difficult to go right back to sleep.

Alcohol also disrupts the diurnal rhythm, resulting in poor sleep quality. It may also have a harmful impact on sleep apnea.

Meals with a kick

According to a report published in 2019, picy meals may have a number of harmful effects on sleep, according to a Trusted Source of 440 medical students. They may make lying down unpleasant by causing indigestion, acid reflux, and heartburn. Acid reflux may also exacerbate sleep apnea. These meals also boost body warmth, making it harder to cool off enough to sleep well.

Foods high in fat

High-fat diets, such as fatty meats and sweets, may also cause sleep disturbances. When a person goes to sleep, the body’s digestion automatically slows. Fatty meals make the stomach feel full, which may make it difficult for people to feel comfortable. They may also induce nausea and acid reflux, both of which can lead to poor sleep quality.

Foods that have been processed

Fast food and prefabricated meals are examples of highly processed foods. While handy, these meals include several of the dietary components listed above, as well as sweets and fats, which have been shown to disrupt sleep.



The Difference between Dark and White Chocolate: Which Is Better, and Why?

There are many different types of chocolate, but dark and white are the most popular. Dark chocolate is made with cocoa solids and typically has a higher percentage of cocoa content. White chocolate is made with cocoa butter, milk, and sugar, so it’s creamier than dark chocolate. But which type should you choose?

If you have broken equipment and would like to make your own chocolate pastry, then now is the time. Contact your trusted mechanics from so you can get started. Here’s everything you need to know about the difference between dark and white chocolate.

Should You Go Dark Chocolate or White Chocolate

Dark chocolate is usually bitter with a high cocoa content, but white chocolate is sweeter. When it comes to choosing between dark and white chocolate, you’ll have to decide which one fits your taste buds.

Knowing the difference between dark and white chocolate will help you choose which one is right for you. White chocolate is typically sweeter than dark chocolate because it has more sugar than cocoa solids. Dark chocolate is best for people who like their dessert on the bitter side.

You might be wondering how much cocoa content there should be in a bar of dark or white chocolate. Dark chocolate ranges from 70% to 100% cocoa solids, while white chocolates range from 20% to 85%. In general, the higher the percentage of cocoa solids in a bar of chocolate, the darker and more bitter it will be.

What are the Health Benefits of each Type?

Dark chocolate is a healthy choice for people who want a little sweetness in their lives. Dark chocolate provides a pleasant flavor and an energy boost, which can help to increase your metabolism. While dark chocolate does contain sugar, the cocoa solids used in making dark chocolate provide antioxidants that can reduce your risk of heart disease.

Which Type should You Choose?


White chocolate is what you should be getting if you’re craving for something creamy and sweet. On the other hand, if you prefer something intense and can bring rich flavor, then you’d never go wrong with dark chocolate.

Tips When Starting a Food Truck Business

While starting and operating a food truck or looking for Ford trucks for sale near me is often simpler and less expensive than opening and operating a restaurant, it does require time and work to be successful. There are a few tactics that might help you stand out in a crowd, get new clients, keep old ones, and increase earnings.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the greatest hints for starting and growing a profitable firm in this field.

1. Conduct thorough market research

Take the time to undertake extensive market research before purchasing a food truck.

Your study should assist you in finding solutions to questions like:

“Does your town or city have a developing food trend?”

“Are food trucks required in certain areas?”

“Is there a glut of a certain sort of food truck?”

2. Select a Food Truck Wisely

You have a plethora of choices when it comes to the sort of food truck you may operate. Pizza, chocolate, barbecue, sliders, tacos, grilled cheese…the list goes on and on.

So, how do you choose the best sort of food truck? Your market analysis will point you in the appropriate route. You’ll know what to concentrate on if you notice that there are a lot of grilled cheese food trucks in your neighborhood but not enough pizza food trucks.

3. Form a corporation to safeguard your assets

You may start your food truck company as a single proprietorship and then incorporate later. However, incorporating from the outset is a sensible decision. Because you’ll be selling food goods that might make people sick, incorporating will safeguard your assets if you are sued.

4. Make a budget and look for financing

Any food truck business plan must have a sound budget. To make one, make a list of how much money you want to spend on each aspect of your company. Kitchen equipment, personnel, vehicle upkeep, and marketing are some of these components.

Keep in mind that changes in the food truck industry and laws will almost certainly affect your budget over time. Also, make sure your budget is reasonable and permits you to take on the least amount of debt feasible.

Descriptive Design Elements and SEO Best Practices for a Chocolate Store Website

When specifically offering chocolates as main products of your confectionery business, your website design should immediately give that particular impression. If your web design do not display descriptive design elements in prominent areas to make it easy for visitors to continue with additional actions, their visit would likely end at the home page or what ever internal page they landed on.

What are Descriptive Web Design Elements?

Descriptive design elements include logo, social media icons, navigation labels, dropdown menu, shopping cart or buy box widget, search tool, value proposition text and call to action.

Moreover it’s important to integrate in your web design SEO strategies that will get your website indexed at the top of Google’s listings for online chocolate confectionery stores. Achieving that goal will make your store immediately visible to consumers looking to buy chocolate treats online.

Best Practices Observed by High-Performing Websites in Displaying Important Descriptive Elements

Web design experts recommend the following best practices when incorporating descriptive elements in web pages, as they have been proven effective by high-performing websites:

Logo Placement – A 2016 Nielsen report revealed that 93% of Fortune 500 companies have websites that display their logo in the top left corner of web pages as it allows better brand recall.

Social Media Icons are common in websites of business-to-customer (B2C) companies and niche publishers, Most icons are prominently displayed in the header but digital marketing experts recommend placing them in areas where they do not interfere with the reading activity of the visitors. Social media sharing could easily distract visitors from further exploring other pages.

Search Tool – Although about 53% of all websites have a search tool in the header, researches show they are helpful only to websites that have multiple pages or to those actively engaged in a content marketing program. Websites with few pages can simply use descriptive navigation labels as a better alternative to a search tool.

Navigation Labels appearing in a horizontal navigation bar on the right side at the top of a page is common to all websites. Around 90% of websites use a horizontal navigation bar as this saves pixel width for content; as opposed to placing them on the left side or on the header, which can reduce available space in which to publish content.

Drop Down Menu – About 58% of all websites include a dropdown menu, as a quick guide for visitors when needing to wade through multiple sections and series of pages. This descriptive element is regarded as generally helpful because having a clear short cut as alternative to navigation labels and search tool can help enhance (UX) or user experience

Contact Us Link More than half of all websites place a Contact Link at the right most side of the header. Providing readily available contact information gives an indication of legitimacy to a website as far as potential customers are concerned. This is of particular importance for online stores as most consumers need assurance that they can get in touch with the online seller to raise concerns or put forward suggestions or propositions.

Call to Action – In addition to the Contact Us Link, most B2C websites include a Call to Action link in their homepage to directly assist readers in taking specific action deemed as the next step to take to obtain a solution or benefit.

Value Proposition Text– This represent quick information on what your business offers, whilst appearing with other header information in the homepage. Best practices include pushing your business by-line in addition to your brand name as doing so allows for better recall of your product or service. Moreover, digital marketing experts consider adding this web design element a good SEO practice.

Chocolates: How you see good quality

Elaborate processing into chocolate and cocoa powder

In principle, further processing is done in Europe or North America, not in the growing country. Cocoa beans are washed, roasted, peeled, crushed, and crushed. This creates a tough mass with a high percentage of fat. To make chocolate, manufacturers mix cocoa mass with cocoa butter and sugar, and, depending on the type, milk. Next, spread the chocolate chunks very thinly. The mass is then heated and stirred for several hours. This so-called conching gives the chocolate an elegant taste and allows bitter substances to escape. Chocolate bars, pralines, or chocolate bars can be made from finished chunks.

Different types of chocolate

Depending on the cocoa content, chocolate is more than just chocolate, it can taste from strong tarts to very sweet ones. Variety at a glance:

Dark chocolate has a particularly high cocoa content of over 70%, dark chocolate is about 55%. It contains little or no milk and is solid and consistent. The higher the cocoa content, the stronger the taste of dark chocolate and the sourer it is.

Whole milk or milk chocolate contains cocoa mass and milk or milk powder. It has more sugar, is sweeter, and has more calories than dark chocolate. Their consistency is softer and creamier. If possible, do not store above 20 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, it will begin to melt, lose its scent, and produce whitish spots.

The Couverture differs from the chocolate bar in that it has a high proportion of cocoa butter. As a result, it flows well, has great brilliance, and is ideal for decorating pastries and chocolates. It works as follows: It is best to melt the couverture in a water bath, does not boil the water as the steam will harden the couverture. Do not heat dark couverture above 45 degrees and white chocolate above 40 degrees. When heated, it loses its brilliance.

Good Quality Identification

Chocolate quality can already be read from the list of ingredients. The lower the ingredients in chocolate and the higher the cocoa content, the higher the quality of the product. The use of fine cocoa varieties and the long and gentle treatment (conching) of cocoa beans can justify higher prices.

Enjoying Chocolate Moderately

Nutritionists are advised to use chocolate consciously. If you want chocolate, eat one or two, smell it, and then smoke and enjoy it. Varieties with high cocoa bean content are usually easier to maintain a moderate taste. The taste is so strong that one or two pieces often satisfy your appetite. Not only choosing the best quality of chocolates but also to sell them online like for example to sell csgo skins.

Still No Word about Netflix’s Charlie and the Chocolate Animation Series

It will interest chocolate lovers to know that Netflix is turning Roald Dahl’s stories into animation series, starting with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. A release date has yet to be confirmed, although Netflix previously announced that production already began in 2019 delayed due to the pandemic that ensued in 2020.

According to Netflix, there will be two animated shows for release. One follow the original story that follows the story of Charlie Bucket, Veruca Salt, Augustus Gloop, Violet Beauregarde, and Mike Teavee suing their trip to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory courtesy of their their golden tickets.

The other animation series features Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory assistant known as Oompa-Loompas. Both shows form part of the series of Roald Dahl stories that include Matilda, The BFG, The Twits, and many others.

As an aside, a Wonka movie is also in the making, and will be released as a live-action film from Netflix starring Timothée Chalamet. Chalamet plays the role of a young Willy Wonka to provide a background story of this chocolate factory inventor and what inspired him to give the golden ticket to children. Still, the official plot for the movie has not been disclosed. Nevertheless, the studio announced earlier this year that the film will be on cinemas by March 23, 2023.

Yet while many eagerly await Netflix shows like these, not everyone can afford to pay for streaming services as they tend to live on a limited budget. Up to now, many still struggle to make ends meet that entertainment news like these are mere reminders of things they cannot afford when they become available. That is why many can relate to the Charlie and the Chocolate movies, as children can indulge in their favorite chocolate bars only if they are able to scrimp and save on their allowance.


How to Access Online Entertainment Free of Charge

This is a reality that has not escaped notice from app developers, who look for solutions that will help other enjoy the better things in life free of charge. Not many are aware that there are apps that will enable them to access free entertainment without having to pay costly subscription fees. Although this app is in violation of piracy laws, major companies like Netflix are not complaining because losses if any, are just a drop in the bucket for them

Anyway, try using a different app if in case you’re anxious that your free streaming can be detected. Actually, there’s a new app for streaming free entertainment called rokkr. According to the rokkr official website, the app does not display advertisements nor access sensitive data on the user’s device. This denotes you can rest assured that your free streaming activities work under ad-free and secure conditions.


Eating Dark Chocolate While Studying Can Be Good for Students, Says Lorna Linda Univesity Study

Studies from Loma Linda University reveal that eating chocolate with high cacao concentration can evidently reduce stress levels and other health benefits. Such benefits include enhancement of anti-inflammatory properties, and rejuvenation of immune system and memory. The immune system’s response strengthens when eating chocolate, which in turn improves the body’s ability to form new neural connections. Furthermore, cacao contains flavonoids that assist the heart and brain. In considering all these, students are the likeliest to benefit when consuming healthy chocolates while studying.

Established in 1905, Loma Linda University Health is built by a seventh-day Adventist organization and focuses on faith-based health systems. They provide research, education, and clinical care in carrying out their mission “to continue the teaching and healing ministry of Jesus Christ.” The university has more than a hundred academic programs, while giving quality healthcare to approximately 1.5 million outpatients and 40,000 inpatients every year. They have over 900 faculty physicians and six hospitals located at the Inland Empire in Southern California.

A Closer Look at What the Lorna Linda University Study Concluded as Benefits of Consuming Chocolate While Studying

Lorna Linda University researchers gathered from studies of how chocolates assist students in their studies include the following:
1.  Consuming chocolate can make an individual happy or improve their mood.

2.  It has been proven that dark chocolate increases the production of endorphins which are chemicals found in the brain, making s person feel euphoric. 3.

3.  Moreover, chocolates can also reduce pain and lessen the bad effects stress brings.
Improves blood flow to the brain just by eating chocolate. n a Harvard Medical School research, it was revealed that two cups of hot chocolate can improve blood flow to the brain for approximately 2 to 3 hours, boosting brain activity. Flavonoid aids the heart and brain by increasing blood flow which leads to the individual with better memory, attention span, reaction time, and problem-solving skills.

4. Chocolate consumption alleviates stress.
Stress can be damaging to the overall wellbeing of an individual and consuming chocolate can be one of the solutions to stress. Particularly because chocolate has magnesium, which is a compound known to induce relaxation on humans. According to studies, an average diet of a person may lack in magnesium and that eating chocolate can supple an appropriate amount of the compound.

5. Chocolate brings lifetime protection to your brain.
Studies that delved in the use of chocolate as a treatment for medical conditions concerning the brain such as stroke and dementia, revealed that the antioxidants in the chocolate can reduce the risk of getting one.


How to Make Yourself Known as a Musician

Musicians cannot be in the limelight from shadows with finger snaps. Moreover, putting out good songs is no longer enough. Finding your identity as an artist and gathering an audience for your project is a long-term process.

While remaining genuine, you need to capture your audience and use the proper methods to understand what they expect from you. Knowing your fans helps you interact with them as much as possible, but it also develops visibility and, most importantly, better communication strategies to get a bad reputation. Here are some tips for appealing to your audience as a musician.

Use Social Media and Online Platforms

Using data analysis tools on social networks and streaming platforms may be scary at first. Still, some social networks such as Spotify and Apple Music have devised easy-to-use tools to understand your audience better. The Audience section of Spotify For Artists also includes the countries and cities where the songs are most often heard, age groups and genders, and artists who appeal to the audience. Apple Music For Artists has the same option, adding data from Shazam. This data is essential to understand your current audience better and adjust your strategy accordingly. To get more people to listen to your music you can use Spotistar.

Find Music Groups Online

There are many Facebook groups and forums dedicated to a particular genre of music with thousands of fans and insiders. These groups provide an opportunity to overview trends, listening habits, and news and support other musicians.

Join Some Communities

There’s nothing better than meeting professionals and enthusiasts who match your musical world to understand better the audience you’re targeting. Participate in concerts, trade shows, forums, and other music events that suit your style. 

Don’t Try to Please Everyone

Don’t spread to satisfy as many people as possible. Your music project must embody and project your voice. This makes you a unique and original artist. Forcing the mind and mind to win is often a waste of time. It’s up to you to discover your identity to maintain consistency and credibility. This is how your audience equates with you.

Find a Genre Reference

Find the most famous artist in your music genre and use it for reference. Finding a reference artist allows you to have a bass and decide where to go. Start with an accessible artist and take the time to adjust to your level of development and ambition. 

Send yourself hundreds of emails to media and music influencers. It’s free, but it’s a tremendous waste of time for artists’ creative efforts. And most importantly, the media is flooded with email, and artists don’t receive replies, which often leads to incredible frustration.


The Benefits of Eating Dark Chocolate

When we hear the word “chocolate”, the first thing the comes out of our mind is it is sweet and one is enough because of sugar. That is the reputation of chocolate because of the fact that mostly the reason for weight gain is sweets. To change your mentality or perception about it,  here are some of the advantages of dark chocolate:

  1. It has antioxidants, especially the dark chocolate. And study shows that compared to a regular chocolate, dark chocolate has less sugar.
  2. It is very nutritious. It actually contains fiber at minerals.
  3. It improves blood flow.
  4. It lowers the cholesterol and blood pressure. And since it is lowering the cholesterol, it will be very unlikely to have heart failure with the right amount of dark chocolate.
  5. It improves performance on sports. There are pieces of evidence that proved that less oxygen level is being used during an activity but more distance is covered.
  6. It improves brain function.

If there are advantages, it is inevitable to also have disadvantages or risks.

  1. The top, when risks are being talked about, is the sugar level that might be affected due to too much chocolate intake of sugar.
  2. Weight gain which should be a signal to lessen the sugar intake.
  3. Tooth decay

Even though risks are outnumbered by the advantages, it is very important to monitor our sugar intake. Anything that is too much is considered bad. Again, limitations should always be present. Still feel guilty especially if you feel that you exceeded the limit you set for yourself. Purchase a highland cabinetry where you can store your chocolate and just get it if you need to eat one or if you are confident that you can still have more. What’s important here is learning the benefits of dark chocolate and avoiding the risks it can give.

How Technology Changed The Way We Make Chocolates

Chocolate in a heart box


It is estimated that folks across the world consume nearly 7.2 million metrics a lot of chocolate every year. That’s over two pounds (almost a kilogram) of chocolate for every single person on Earth. It’s easy to grasp why. Chocolate could be a one-of-a-kind treat that’s beloved the planet over with its unique combination of rich flavor compounds, fats, and (sometimes) sugar, and its ability to be made into numerous forms and designs.

For many people, there’s a deep, nostalgic attachment to their favorite chocolate brands. Once they had their first life-altering taste of this incredible confection, one bite can instantly take them back to their childhoods. What’s less known is how this excellent substance makes it to our taste buds while nearly everyone knows they love chocolate.

The process of taking a cacao pod and turning it into a delicious chocolate candy may be a complete mystery to the general public. It’s a process that has deep roots in history going back thousands of years and yet is just possible with modern industrial technology made within the last century and a half. And therefore the process continues to be refined as digital technology advances, with industrial PCs and tablets playing vital roles within the modern chocolate-making process.

This World Chocolate Day, we want to celebrate the ways in which technology helps bring this decadent treat to the globe.

A Brief History of Chocolate

Though the bulk of cacao is now grown in a geographic region, cacao trees are native to Central and South America. Scientists and archeologists disagree on exactly how long humans are consuming cacao beans, but it’s generally accepted that we’ve done so for a minimum of 2000 years. The practice originated in what’s now Mexico, with the Mayans and possibly the Olmecs before them. These cultures, together with the Aztecs, consumed cacao as a hot beverage.

When Spanish colonists conquered the Aztec empire, it went on for thousands of years until the 1500s. As to how we got the word “Chocolate,” the Spanish picked up the practice of drinking cacao from the Aztecs, who called the drink “xocoatl.” Back in Europe, the Spanish exported the practice, where it caught on among the ECU elite. In Europe, people began adding milk and sugar to the present drink to balance out its intense and bitter flavors.

It wasn’t until the economic Revolution that the fashionable chocolate candy as we all know it took shape. Invented two of the foundational processes of recent chocolate making are Dutch chemist Coenraad Johannes van Houten and his father Casparus within the 1800s. Extracting the fats from liquid chocolate and separating them from the cocoa solids, Casparus invented the chocolate press first. Then Coenraad developed some way to require the solids, chemically remove their most bitter flavors, and switch them into usable chocolate. Called Dutch Process Cocoa, the merchandise he invented remains considered the gold standard for chocolate production.

Digital Technology Helps Makes Chocolate Better

Fast-forward to the 21st century. Chocolate could be a massive international business with companies in dozens of nations shipping out various chocolate bars and other products to eager customers worldwide. From bean sorting to shipping, this level of production and distribution level just wouldn’t be possible without modern digital technologies.


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Automated Bean Sorting

To confirm both consistency and quality in their products, chocolate makers have to be ready to sort through the beans they purchase and pick only those beans that meet their standards. Most companies can’t try this sorting by hand, given the sheer quantity of beans required for the chocolate-making process.

The only thanks to accomplishing this herculean task are thru automation. Sorting machines run cacao beans across a series of screens to arrange beans with the incorrect size and other impurities like dirt, stems, bits of bean shell, etc. In fact, this sorting process must occur twice, once with the full beans and again once the outer shell has been far from the nib to discard the useless shells.

Refinement with Digital Precision

The nibs will be processed into the chocolate products we all know and love after the bean shell is separated from the nib. Digital technology enhances each step of this process. As an example, industrial computers allow chocolate presses to run with the level of accuracy previously impossible, allowing chocolate makers to extract the minimum amount of cacao butter with little or no guesswork.

Once separated, the ingredients are mixed back together in numerous portions betting on the required final product. Allowing chocolate makers to combine the cacao butter, cacao powder, and other necessary ingredients back along with digital precision, industrial PCs, that are properly maintained to avoid the encounter of typical Windows problems like the ‘zlib1 dll is missing’ error, also are crucial within the remixing process. To keep customers coming for more and more chocolaty goodness, this ensures the level of consistency and quality within the ending.

Additionally enhanced by digital technology is Conching, the all-important final step of the chocolate-making process. Additionally to refining the particles in chocolate all the way down to microscopic sizes to make sure a smooth mouthfeel, the method also releases many of the more bitter flavor compounds found in chocolate within the style of gas.

Industrial Tablets, Warehouse Management, and Logistics

Of course, making the chocolate itself is merely half the battle. Once it’s made, it’s to be packaged and shipped bent on retailers so it can ultimately attain its final destination, your mouth. To allow them to label, scan, and track their products with the push of a button, certain big-name chocolate manufacturers utilize Industrial Tablets in their batch labeling process.


Minecraft Survival Servers And How Cocoa Beans Are Used In Minecraft

In its early years, Minecraft is basically mining and crafting. Overtime, so much has been added to make the game more exciting that every so often it could feel like a totally different game. Essentially, Minecraft is still described as an action-adventure sandbox game that offers players a limitless virtual world that they could explore freely.

Minecraft offers a number of gaming modes, ideal for nearly all types of players. If you are a player who leans towards creativity, you’ll definitely enjoy Minecraft’s Creative Mode wherein you can build and craft anything that you can imagine. On the other hand, if you are a player who looks for something more challenging, you could test your skills in Minecraft’s Survival Mode.

Minecraft Survival Servers – Enjoy The Challenge Of Surviving

When it comes to playing survival mode, there are Minecraft Survival Servers that you can check out. These survival servers are quite identical to the Minecraft’s default mode wherein players need to do everything in order to survive which involves gathering resources in order to craft items and build shelters, and where you need to fight off attacks from hostile mobs. Additionally, your character’s activities on survival mode eats away your health as well as your hunger. Hence, you need to survive that too.

While there are a lot of Minecraft Survival Servers available, finding the most suitable world for you could be tricky since every survival server has diverse worlds, quirks, and threats. So, to help you with this, below are a few Minecraft Survival Servers that you will certainly enjoy.

  • Hypixel – IP:
  • Mineplex – IP:
  • Mineville – IP:
  • Herobrine – IP:
  • The Mining Dead – IP:
  • Mox MC – IP:
  • Simple Survival – IP:
  • Applecraft – IP:
  • Earth MC – IP:
  • Orchidia SMP – IP:
  • Vanilla Europa – IP:
  • Lemon Cloud – IP:
  • Lush Survival – IP:
  • Purple Prison – IP:
  • SurviveWithUs – IP:

Crafting on Minecraft – Cocoa Beans and its Uses

Minecraft is made exciting and interesting because it is full of items which includes plants and foods, and one of these is the cocoa bean. Cocoa beans in the actual world are utilized in a lot of food items that we consume just about every day, like chocolate, coffee, and other kinds of desserts. But, in the world of Minecraft, cocoa beans have varied uses.

In Minecraft, cocoa beans are taken from cocoa pods which could be found generating on trunks of standard sized trees in jungle biomes. They could be placed on stripped logs, jungle logs, wood, as well as stripped wood. So, what exactly could cocoa beans in Minecraft be used for? Here are some:

  • COMPOSTING. Composters are used to compost cocoa beans. Composters are blocks that are quite useful for villagers since it converts plant materials and old food into bone meals.
  • BROWN DYE. Create brown dye with cocoa beans which could be utilized to color/dye other items and objects in the game.
  • COOKIES. Make cookies from cocoa beans. These are a great treat after having a hard day building things as cookies could heal player health by almost a tenth. They are created by eights so you could bring along these cookies on brief adventures.
  • FIREWORK STAR. Cocoa beans could be utilized to create fireworks stars in various colors.

Basics: Chocolate UX Designer Must Know

UX design is all about the usability of websites and products like chocolate. UX design is much more than just web design, it includes the holistic design of all points of contact with the customer, including branding, design, usability and function.

What is a “good” UX design for chocolate?

Your own taste is a bad guide when it comes to judging whether a UX design is good or bad.

UX design is not art: Chocolate

UX Designer

The bait has to taste good to the fish and not to the angler. This is a step in the right direction when it comes to evaluating a bait, in your case a design. In this case, you are the angler together with the customer. The target group of the design is the fish.

Even among the Pisces, however, one will not find a unanimous opinion. So you can just as little rely on the subjective assessment of the target group as on that of the customer. In general, the question of taste, the question of whether something is liked or not, is rather unsuitable for classifying something like a good or bad UX design.

UX design is not an art, it is a method of communication.  A chocolate UX designer who defines himself as an artist may not like that, but that doesn’t detract from the truth of the statement. And since your products are not art, they are not subject to the same conditions.

UX design serves a purpose, mostly the purpose of selling. That is never the case with art. Art is the end in itself. Art should sell, but only itself. Design is much more ambitious.

It is precisely at this point, namely the assessment of the purpose, that you start with the objective criteria that show whether a UX design is good or bad.

Why is there so much bad UX design for chocolate?

Bad UX design is everywhere, good design is still in short supply. You all know far more about bad than good design. You don’t have to be a proven expert to distinguish one from the other. Anyone can do that. However, you require expert knowledge to create a good design. Because the path to good design is paved with many decisions, each of which is easy to make the wrong one.

How To Store Chocolate Properly

People generally want chocolate because it tastes and smells delicious, and people have written songs about it, such as Rob Schneider’s Chocolate Sunday.  Do you know who Rob Schneider is? If you want to know more about him, go to rob schneider net worth, and right now we will understand the value of properly storing chocolate. Because chocolate is a really sensitive product.

Not too warm

The recommended storage temperature is between 10 and 18 degrees Fahrenheit. That is precisely why our cooling system works so hard in the heat. It is now, thankfully, powered by solar panels. It is not an issue if the chocolate is slightly warmer at home. There isn’t much going on up to 25 degrees. Above that, it can reach high speeds. If you keep it cold, you can generally store sealed chocolate for years. If you expose it to the sunlight, it will turn white in a matter of minutes, or it will just melt away.

Not cold or damp

Chocolate dislikes both cold and dampness. As a result, it is best not to store chocolate in a wet cellar or refrigerator. It is best to keep a chocolate bar dry, especially if it has been opened. And if it cools down too much, the structure will be reduced. Finally, there’s the flavor. Preferably not less than 10 degrees. Also, don’t keep your chocolate cupboard in your bathroom.

Ideal: airtight in a dark place in a cool room

As a result, don’t keep your chocolate in the fridge or in the sun. It will typically suffice if you have a cool location at home. However, if your entire house heats up to 25-30 degrees on a hot summer day, it is best to store the chocolate in the refrigerator. Make certain that you have an airtight container. When you place chocolate in an open wrapper next to garlic, you get chocolate that tastes like garlic. It may be a fun experiment, but we can already warn you that it isn’t always the ideal combo.

You can keep chocolate for a long time

The manufacturer always labels the bar with a Best Before date. When properly stored, well-sealed bars may typically be retained for a longer period of time. Without any discernible change in quality. In fact, many excellent chocolates only improve with age. That is why many chocolatiers leave their chocolates to age for a few weeks after producing them. On the other hand, if you store chocolate at temperatures that are too hot, too cold, or too damp, a bar can become white in half an hour. It’s still edible, but it’s a lot less delicious.

Chocolate disaster? Just melt.

Did you forget about your chocolate and leave it out in the sun? Don’t do it anymore the cocoa growers and chocolate producers have worked hard for it. Of course, you paid for your chocolate, but we still appreciate it if you take care of it. But there is a way out! You can consume melted chocolate that has resolidified, although it is typically no longer edible. The good news is that you can simply re-melt the chocolate and then let it harden correctly. When the temperature is just right. Then the lovely gleam returns, as does the delightful structure that melts in your lips. This is known as tempering.


The Key Benefits of Multifunction Printer at Home

Choosing the equipment you’ll need for your home office might be a difficult task. With so many choices and functionalities, you may find yourself having to explain issues you’ve never thought before, such as what printing speed is ideal for you, if you’ll ever have to utilize a fax machine, and whether color scanning is truly necessary.

Multifunction printers or even coding printers have long been thought of as an office invention that would save hardware costs and boost overall productivity. However, as technology advances and MFPs become more compact and active, home users may now take full use of their advantages as well.

1. Make the most of your space

Area is a crucial factor whether you have a designated home office or need to squeeze your work area into a kitchen nook. How can you fit a printer, scanner, and possibly a fax machine around your laptop and a cup of tea?

Most home office buildings are moderate to small in size, and they must contend with a slew of other important tasks. As a result, the potential of squeezing in more than one large technological device is not great.

2. Purpose

The versatility of a multifunction printer is its primary advantage. It is far more convenient to have a single device that can print, copy, fax, and scan than to have to go around the workplace to multiple machines. Because just one engine is running when all operations are on one gadget, your organization conserves energy.

3. Speed and agility

While it may seem contradictory, a large multifunction device will surpass a solo copier. When doing any activity on a multifunction printer, such as copying or scanning, the needed energy to run the machine puts forth greater speed.

4. Usability

When shifting in between a printing machine and a scanning machine, you’ll encounter a variety of settings. Having to recall each setup might cause performance to suffer. When scanning and subsequently creating copies, a multifunctional printer, on the other hand, makes it very easy to format. You’re ready to go after a short setup.

Tips for Storing Chocolates



“Store — My Chocolate?”

“Why that’s silly,” you say. “I’m just visiting eat them!” and that we entirely agree. But you never know — someday you will keep your gourmet chocolates fresh for over 24 hours. And when that day comes, you’ll find the subsequent pointers useful:

Tips for Storing Your Chocolates

DON’T REFRIGERATE! Whatever’s within the refrigerator (Roquefort cheese, curry — you get the idea), chocolate easily absorbs the odors of everything in there. Also, when sugar rises to the surface and discolors the chocolate, that is called “sugar bloom” and the moisture within the fridge may cause it. So rather than the fridge:

Store it in an exceedingly cool, dry place like cabinets from Neo Kitchen. The emulsion of cocoa solids and cocoa butter will stay stable for months when chocolate is kept at the same temperature below 70°F (ideally between 65 and 68°F), and at a humidity of but 55%.

Remember that cocoa butter picks up the smell of whatever’s around it, even in an exceedingly cool, dry place. Follow the subsequent rule unless you wish your bonbons and bars to taste like vanilla or garlic powder.

Seal them in an air-tight container. What causes less-than-ideal flavors to develop is when Oxygen does just what you’d expect it to — oxidizes chocolate. And although chocolates aren’t known to be a favorite food of vampires…


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Keep them off from the light! Not just sunlight (unless you wish to form fondue), but also artificial light. They both cast the identical quite bad-flavor spell as oxygen does.
A chocolate buffet for a marriage

Stored this manner, chocolate will last a while: Solid chocolate keeps for over a year; solid bittersweet chocolate keeps for nearly two years, and white for four months. Keep for three to four months (unless they’ve been stuffed with preservatives) truffles or anything that is filled with chocolates.

Make sure to eat them while they’re fresh as most chocolates never contain any preservatives or additives! Or, if you’ve got an oversized supply, create a candy buffet and invite your friends over to share. (At right, a chocolate buffet adds an ideal touch to weddings and parties.)

Sometimes, you have got to refrigerate: Summer’s hot, and not everyone uses air-con. Wrap the chocolate tightly to guard against odors and condensation, then seal it in an airtight container, before you even place it within the fridge. once you take it out, let it return to temperature before unwrapping. this may keep your chocolates edible for anywhere from three to 6 months.

And if you would like to store it longer: For durations of six months to a year, the freezer may be your friend. Follow the instructions above for putting your chocolates within the refrigerator. Once a full 24 hours have passed by, move the container from the fridge to your freezer (this avoids temperature shock, and helps preserve texture). to get rid of from the freezer — just reverse the steps.



Unraveling The Role of Microbes In Creating Excellent Chocolate Flavors

While chocolate is one of popular foods known by nearly everyone, not many are aware that the biggest contributor to its flavor is the process of fermentation. The well-loved chocolatey taste is actually the workings of microbes as they transform the raw chocolate ingredient before they are packaged and sold as delicious, melt-in-your-mouth treats.

First off, chocolates start as football-shaped seeds of growing Theobroma cacao trees. Once the seeds are scooped out of their pods, they become the beans that will be cured and drained for about three to ten days before they are sun-dried.

It is during the curing stage that fermentation happens. This stage actually produces hundreds of separate compounds as results of the fermentation process. The controlled activities of microbes make the bitter cacao seeds develop the chocolate flavor.

How Microorganisms Work During Cacao Fermentation

Cacao fermentation is a multi-step process that counts on the natural microbes present in the environment where the tree is grown. Any compound of microorganisms present in the seed contribute to the changes that will influence how the bean, and subsequently, the final chocolate product will taste.


The first part of the fermentation process involves the presence of yeast, as it creates alcohol by dissolving the sugary pulp attached in the beans. This is when molecules with a fruit-like taste called esters and the floral-tasting fuel alcohols are produced. The aforementioned compounds will then soak the beans.

Oxygen will rise from the fermenting heap while the pulp turns into pieces. This will cause a decline in the yeast population, and the oxygen-loving bacteria will convert the alcohol into acetic acid. This time, the beans will become soaked in ascetic acid that will lead to more biochemical changes.

The acetic acid bacteria actually plays a significant role on the creation of flavor as it encourages the purple polyphenol molecules to degrade into brown-colored chemicals called o-quinones. This is the part where the cacao beans’ flavor turns from bitter to nutty and rich, with the colors transforming from reddish-purple to brown. Once the sugars are all used up and the acid already evaporated, other species of bacteria, the filamentous fungi increases.

However, some microbes can destroy the fermentation if they repopulate too much as too much Bacillus bacteria can result in rancid, cheesy flavors.

4 Chocolates For Your Next Road Trip

Bowl of m&ms


We know it’s the week after Thanksgiving. But is there ever an honest time to not eat chocolate, especially on the road? These assorted confectioners make a range of disposition-enhancing chocolates you’ll either render stores or order to stay readily available for road trips. Now aside from getting the number of a reliable towing service provider such as Towing San Jose in case of emergencies, getting these chocolates will surely make your road trip the best road trip ever!

Dark Chocolate Vegan Wiki Wiki Balls

Dingle Berries and Pele Lava Rocks. The Wiki Wiki Balls are bite-sized, dark, salty, and coco-fire delightful. All products are hand-crafted at the initial factory store in Kainaliu, Hawaii.

Justin’s White Paste Chocolate Cup

Founded in 2004 by Justin Gold and headquartered in Boulder, CO, Justin’s makes naturally palate-pleasing nut butter, spread snacks, and organic spread cups. You’ve probably seen their single-shot nut butter on shelves of supermarkets, which make great on-the-go snacks whether spread on something or simply squirted directly into one’s mouth. Our hands-down favorite Justin’s experience is their devastating chocolate spread cup, available in packs of two, 12, and 72.


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Vosges Chocolates

Owner and chocolatier Katrina Markoff learned the art of French confectionery at Le sous-chef in Paris; she personally chooses every spice, flower, and chocolate that’s flown into her kitchen, where she transforms them into the best chocolates. Markoff fuses rare spices and flowers in her premium, out-of-this-world truffles like Mexican flavourer and Argentinean dulce de leche. Especially recommended is that the spread and Banana chocolate candy.

Toblerone Jumbo Chocolate Candy

Toblerone’s deservedly well-known for his or her distinctive triangular break-off milk, dark and chocolate. But did you recognize you’ll} buy an ultra-jumbo Toblerone bar weighing in at a touch over 9 pounds and which costs $126?


It’s Worth It To Try Chocolate

Chocolate making

To make chocolate, make sure that your kitchen is clean and some restaurant secures their privacy in kitchen, some restaurant contact curtain makers to do their requested curtain for their kitchen. Cocoa beans are roasted and ground at around 120 ° C to 160 ° C. The heat that arises during the roasting and grinding process liquefies the fat in the cocoa bean, the so-called cocoa butter. The resulting creamy cocoa mass now consists of cocoa butter and cocoa solids. The latter is usually sold as de-oiled cocoa powder. The cocoa mass is the basic ingredient of every chocolate. The only exception is white chocolate. It contains only the cocoa butter from the cocoa bean, i.e. not the dark cocoa solids. The cocoa mass is then mixed with sugar, milk, or cream powder and the emulsifier lecithin (mostly made from soy). The chocolate mass is then rolled so that its consistency becomes finer. The result is then poured into molds – and the milk chocolate is ready. The very dark and somewhat bitter types of chocolate do not always contain milk powder, but often only the cocoa solids, cocoa butter, and some sugar. The higher the pure cocoa content (i.e. the proportion of cocoa solids) in the chocolate, the darker, more bitter, and less sweet the chocolate will be.

Organic chocolate

The cocoa tree is usually kept in monocultures, so it is very susceptible to pests. That is also the reason why these trees are sprayed particularly intensively with pesticides. Therefore, buy cocoa – and all products made from it – exclusively from controlled organic cultivation. These cocoa trees grow in mixed cultures, which help ensure that the soil is very nutritious and that pests are kept away naturally. In addition, the soils on which these cocoa trees grow contain significantly higher nutrients and vital substances, which are of course also found in the chocolate.

Cocoa – One of the best sources of magnesium

The cocoa bean is one of the greatest natural sources of magnesium of all foods available to us. Slightly de-oiled cocoa powder provides over 400 mg of magnesium per 100 g and would therefore easily cover the daily requirement of an adult in this amount. Of course, you don’t eat 100 grams of cocoa powder a day. But it is clear that natural cocoa or chocolate with a very high cocoa content can make an important contribution to covering our magnesium needs, even in small quantities. Cocoa can – if not in the form of bars, pralines, and bars – e.g. B. can be enjoyed in drinking chocolate with almond milk or in a chocolate smoothie. If you think about all the positive effects magnesium has on our health, then cocoa should have a place in our diet for that reason alone. Magnesium, for example, has an anti-inflammatory effect, promotes heart health, activates over 300 enzymes, relaxes our muscles, relieves headaches, and, last but not least, supports all efforts that should lead to ideal body weight. In addition, cocoa beans and ultimately chocolate with a high cocoa content also contain a considerable amount of other minerals and trace elements such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, and copper.

Antioxidants in cocoa and chocolate

The cocoa bean contains many other valuable ingredients. Well over 500 are already known. Some of the phytochemicals from the group of polyphenols contained in the bean are flavonoids. They have a strong antioxidant effect, so they can protect the body from the destructive effects of free radicals. These antioxidants strengthen and relieve the immune system so that their health benefits cannot be rated highly enough.

The Chocolate Study

One of the first studies to examine the influence of polyphenols on cholesterol levels was carried out by scientists from the University of Hull in England. They published their results in 2010 in the journal Diabetic Medicine. This study was a crossover study in which the participants were divided into the experimental group in one phase of the experiment and the control group in the other phase. In this way, the scientists were able to determine the effects of their measures both in relation to the individual test subjects and to evaluate the results within the group as a whole.

Chocolate increases good cholesterol

The randomized double-blind study was carried out with 12 participants, all of whom had type 2 diabetes. In the experimental treatment, the test subjects were given 45 g of chocolate a day, which had a high proportion of polyphenols. The control group received the same amount of chocolate, but it only had a very low polyphenol content. The scientists found that consuming chocolate, which was high in polyphenols, resulted in both an increase in HDL cholesterol ( good cholesterol ) and a decrease in total cholesterol levels.

Chocolate lowers bad cholesterol

These results were confirmed and even supplemented in two further studies that were carried out over the course of the following two years. The first of the two studies were published in 2011 in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Growing Brand Awareness Through Instagram Contest

Instagram accounts that hold contests can do up to 70% faster follower growth than accounts without games.
If you wish for a preferred Instagram account, bobbing up with and executing some Instagram contest ideas may be a great start.
In this post, we’ll explore how you’ll use Instagram contests to lift brand awareness for your business.
We’ll also dive into those practices to stay in mind when running your contests.
By the end, you’ll know the way to run a successful Instagram contest that will bring your business the eye it deserves. You could also gain support through comprar likes Instagram.

Why Instagram Contests Are a Decent Idea
There are other ways to induce more Instagram followers, but there are other methods can increase the number of your followers so quickly and with such minimal effort.
Posts associated with Instagram contests tend to earn roughly 64x more comments and three.5x more likes than ‘normal’ content.

Instagram content ideas
Posts with most comments are contests. All of those stats show that running Instagram contests is among the simplest ways to boost brand awareness.
If you’re worried about being stuck during a cycle of continually churning out contests, beat the name of boosting brand awareness, but; you don’t have to continuously run games to reap the advantages that good Instagram contest ideas offer.

SEO- unlock massive amounts of SEO traffic. It’s time to see some real results.
Content Marketing- team creates epic content which will get shared, get links, then attract a traffic.
Paid Media- effective paid strategies with clear ROI.

You will notice a trickle-down effect on the remainder of your regular content due to running competition. People will feel a greater affinity towards your brand because of the goodwill you’ve generated together with your battles.

As an outcome, they will be more likely to share and interact along with your regular content.
Contests generate more followers, there will be more people exposed to your content. This increases the likelihood that share and engagement levels are going to be more than ‘pre-contest levels.

Best Practices for Running Contests on Instagram
Before you run your first contest, you wish to bear in mind some critical best practices. Failure to follow a number of these best practices could mean that you’re going against the foundations of Instagram.
It could also cause your contest to produce lackluster results, which might amount to plenty of wasted effort.

What are these best practices?
The first is to create sure that you write a transparent and detailed description for your contest.
When writing the outline for your content, make sure to cover:

What the foundations are
What people have to do to be eligible
Any restrictions on who can enter
The prize
The deadline
When you will announce the winner
Doing things this fashion makes it easy for you to remain on the right side of the promotion guidelines provided by Instagram.

Food Culture From Different Countries

Food as identity

The “melting pot” in American cuisine may be a myth, not terribly unlike the thought of a melting pot of yank culture, notes chef Dan Barber (TED Talk: How I fell taken with a fish). I think “American” cuisine is occupation the identical direction, becoming more localized, not globalized.”

Food becomes one of the popular subject when it comes to vlogging around the world. If you are a vlogger or into creating vlogs with the subject that you love, imagefilm agentur can help you bring the right viewers. The natural wealth of the country forms American cuisine. Eating soba noodles becomes a part of what it means to be Japanese, and eating beans becomes a part of what it means to be French.

Every culture and religion uses food as a part of their celebrations, says Ellen Gustafson, co-founder of the FEED Project and therefore the 30 Project, which aims to tackle both hunger and obesity issues globally. (Watch her TED Talk: Obesity + need = 1 global food issue.) “The celebratory nature of food is universal. Every season, every harvest, and each holiday has its food, and this is often true in America in addition.

Food as status

Those slightly younger people are the beneficiaries of the restaurant culture exploding in Shanghai. The town is home to 23 million people and has 100,000 restaurants, up from but ten thousand a decade ago. Now, you’ll find food from all of the provinces of China in Shanghai, moreover as all types of worldwide food styles imaginable.
The introduction of world foods and makes has compounded food as a standing symbol for middle-class Chinese.

The introduction of worldwide foods and makes has compounded food as a standing symbol for middle-class Chinese. “Food as status has always been a large thing in China,” says Mo. “Being ready to afford to eat seafood or abalone or shark’s-fin or bird’s-nest soup, or having the ability to point out the reference to a VIP by serving them the best yellow rice wine, is an element of our history. Now it became different and upgraded. It can be a Starbucks coffee, or Godiva chocolates, or a Voss bottle. It’s how of showing your sophistication and worldliness.”
Eating is completed family-style, with shared dishes, and eating is the primary group activity for friends and families. This can be all the way that food brings people together in a metropolis.

Food as pleasure

“Food in France continues to be primarily about pleasure,” says Mark Singer, technical director of cuisine at Le commis chef in Paris.

“Things have changed dramatically within the past 20 years when it involves food within the country,” he says. “What was an enormous affair with eating has slowly softened up. There are still events within the year, like birthdays and New Year’s Eve, and yuletide Eve, anchored into traditional food and cooking. But it’s not daily.”

Food as community

In Arab cultures, the community is vital to the food culture. The daily iftar that breaks the fast during Ramadan, as an example, features platters of traditional fare like tharid and h’riss shared by all who are sitting down to break the fast, eating with their hand from the identical dishes. Families and institutions will host private iftars, of course. Still, mosques, schools, markets, and other community organizations will offer large iftar meals, and everyone is receptive to the general public and shared. This family type of eating isn’t dissimilar to the dishes on a Chinese dining table, where one doesn’t eat one portioned and plated dish but is anticipated to eat from shared, communal platters.

Food as humanity

Perhaps cuisine, though, isn’t such a lot about progress because it is about restraint.
“One of the good things about cuisine is that it the simplest thanks to being patient our worst quite hedonism,” says Barber. “There isn’t any landscape within the world that sustainably allows us to eat how we predict we wish to.”

Here’s How You should Buy Your Chocolate Bars

Buying your loved one flower delivery Hong Kong is special in itself already. Professional florists get to prepare exquisite floral arrangements that will definitely love and appreciated by anyone who would receive it. However, if you wish to make it extra special, you’ll never get wrong with chocolates. The thing is, there are so many options available that at times, it becomes confusing which one to buy.

Things to Watch Out for when Buying Chocolates

Chocolate connoisseurs have shared valuable tips to get the best bang for your bucks. It is your choice whether to follow their suggestions or go on a different path. Regardless, check out the following.

No Emulsifiers

In order to turn cocoa into chocolate, there are 3 important ingredients needed which are:

  • Cocoa butter
  • Cocoa powder and;
  • Sweetener

However, there are several bars being marketed today that are packed with extra ingredients that are almost like a filler and at times, can be harmful to health.

Emulsifiers for instance are usually added to food in order to create its creamy and smooth “mouth feel”. They’re typically found in salad dressings, ice creams, coffee creamers as well as chocolate bars.

Free from Alkali

This is otherwise referred as Dutch processing. What this basically mean is, it gives the cocoa a mellow and smoother flavor. Furthermore, it is used in darkening cocoa and give it a deep brown hue. Sadly, this method is greatly degrading cocoa’s health value. So whenever possible, take a little time to check the back of the label and read.

Buy Chocolates with at least 85% of Cocoa

Dark chocolate normally contains 70 to 99 percent of cocoa rating. The higher the content level, the less the sugar is in the bar. This is great for your health but also, for your willpower. You may even find that when sticking with a bar that has 85 percent of cocoa or higher, you may safely eat few bites and feel satisfied. All of this without feeling that you have to consume the entire bar in one sitting.

Chocolate that has 84 percent or less of cocoa makes it hyper-palatable. Whenever possible, steer clear of these bars.

Interesting News about Chocolate

There are few foods and probably no other sweets where the differences in manufacturing and product quality have such a big impact on the end result as with chocolate. And probably the most striking. The price difference between absolute junk goods and extremely high-quality, well-made high-class products is much smaller than one would assume based on the ascertainable quality gap. In other words, really outstanding chocolate is not so infinitely more expensive than the mass products that usually only have color and name in common with the good product.

saskatoon local news

The good news about chocolate

Generally speaking, the supply of chocolate has increased significantly in recent years. That’s why it’s not that easy to get an overview of which producers produce really outstanding chocolate because so many new suppliers are pushing onto the market so quickly. In Canada, for example, you can find where to find the best chocolate through saskatoon local news.

News about milk chocolate: The chocolate for every occasion

Milk chocolate is probably the most popular chocolate. While some chocolate freaks have a mild smile for it, there are excellent qualities in this area too. Ideally, milk chocolate is made from cocoa mass, cocoa butter, milk powder, and sugar. In high-quality products, soy lecithin and natural vanilla are also added. If, on the other hand, ingredients such as clarified butter, sweet whey powder, vanillin and flavorings are added, the goods are mostly of inferior quality.

News about dark chocolate: The premier class

For real chocolate professionals and many connoisseurs, dark chocolate is the master class in chocolate production. It has a high cocoa content, no milk content and is also known as dark or dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is considered “pure chocolate”. In some cases, cocoa butter or soy lecithin is also added to improve the smoothness and appearance.

White chocolate: the palate flatterer

Even if white chocolate can never achieve the sophistication of dark chocolate. It does not mean that there are not creations in this sector that even die-hard chocolate freaks can enjoy. With white chocolate, it is not the cocoa aromas that shape the taste, but rather vanilla, caramelization, preparation and cocoa butter melt. From the cocoa bean, only the cocoa butter goes into the white chocolate.


A Mouth-Watering News about Chocolates and Ice Cream from Ferrero

The latest news about chocolates is that Italy’s leading confectionery manufacturer, Ferrero, has released ice cream bars featuring its popular chocolate flavors. Ferrero Rocher and Rafaello are now available as ice cream treats in sticks, to which the Ferrero Rocher ice cream comes in tow variants, the Rocher Classic and the Rocher Dark for those who prefer the bittersweet taste of chocolate in their ice cream. .

Although the news of Ferrero’s ice cream release spread immediately across social media, the news probably reached ice cream lovers in select European nations only, namely Italy, Austria, Spain and France, as availability of the ice creams is limited to these countries. The icy treats will be available in the United Kingdom by this summer. Although there are reports that they will soon be available in Singapore, it is yet unclear when the Italian company will be able to close deals for the ice creams’ release in Asian countries.

Based on images spreading across social media sites, the highly-recognisable chocolate hazelnut balls are conventionally wrapped in golden foil; except that they have turned into ice cream products that will foray in the cold dessert markets in time for summer. .

Ferrero Ice Cream in Sticks Stay Constant to the Original

Parallel to the original confectionery, the Raffaello ice cream bar is made from coconut ice cream coated with almond bits and grated coconut. The Ferrero Rocher ice cream bars on the other hand is a combination of hazelnut ice cream dipped in chocolate hazelnut sauce with crispy wafer pieces.

Director of Trade Marketing and Business Development at Ferrero France, Mssr. Frédéric Coti, hopes that the new ice cream treats are just the beginnings of their journey for this new category. Sounds exciting is Ferrero is also known for their Kinder and Nutella brands.


Staying Alert And Awake While On The Road – Can Chocolate Help?

When motorists encounter car troubles or breakdown on the road, not all of them will immediately contact a towing company to hire their service. This is because of the wrong belief that towing companies only haul or tow vehicles that are illegally parked or when someone asks to tow a vehicle away from their property. Towing companies don’t only provide towing and recovery services to motorists whose vehicles have broken down, but also roadside assistance. This includes fuel delivery, tire change, jumpstart, car lockouts, and other emergency roadside assistance.

Heavy Duty Towing And Recovery

When it comes to car breakdowns, even big heavy vehicles may encounter such situation. But, larger vehicles also require larger tow trucks. This is where heavy duty towing comes in.

For instance, heavy duty towing by provides heavy duty towing and recovery services in the San Francisco, Bay Area as well as the other areas surrounding it. With the range of tow trucks, tools and equipment that they carry, the company can tow or haul any vehicle regardless the size, weight or the situation, as well as provide roadside assistance. Furthermore, the company also makes certain that the people operating these machines are trained and skilled to ensure that every job is done efficiently, competently and safely.

Staying Alert And Awake While On The Road

While there are towing companies ready to help motorists, every driver should still be prepared when on the road. This would include always staying awake and remaining alert while driving to avoid any accident.

Apart from having enough sleep and rest, staying hydrated, opening the window, and eating a hearty meal, many say that nibbling on chocolate can help as it has similar effects as coffee. But how true is this?

Different types of chocolates have varying types of caffeine levels. White chocolate almost have no caffeine, milk chocolate having only a bit, and dark chocolate having the most caffeine. But then again, even dark chocolates containing the most caffeine has considerably less levels of caffeine compared to a regular cup of coffee.

However, this doesn’t mean that chocolates are not effective as it can still help release endorphins that could help boost your mood and think clearly. When combined with coffee, this may help you stay awake and alert while on the road.

Parenting Tips for Kids Martial Arts

It’s rewarding to know that your child is now able to find martial arts and also embark on another journey of self-discovery and personality growth by creating a strong inner sense of self-discipline and bodily strength through martial arts. These qualities will stay together during their lives, since they develop into responsible adults and based figures in their various communities.

We are sharing some helpful tips and reminders that can allow you to prepare your child for their first day of martial arts courses.

Enrolling your son or daughter in the suitable martial arts class

Our overall advice is that you to be certain that you’ve enrolled your kid in the right martial arts class. Ensure there’s ample time to get to from the program if the center is greater than a 10-minute driveway from your own residence. We’d also recommend that you not envision any other physically challenging actions on precisely the exact same day as their very first lesson. Prepare them some healthy lunch boxes and snacks on their class. This will provide them the additional time to become familiar with their teachers and peers improved.

Dress them right to the very first class

When they have not gotten their martial arts uniform, most kids will probably be wearing track pants and a cozy t-shirt for their very first martial arts course. The action of picking their costume for the big day beforehand collectively can help build excitement for their very first lesson. Get the best kids bjj gi if you enroll your kid in Brazillian Jiu-Jitsue, a type of a martial art class.

Learning how to properly place your uniform and tie your belt could be somewhat daunting for any new student. Our teachers are more than pleased to educate not just your kid, but also you as the parent, the suitable approach to maintain that belt tied so that it will not fall off.

Build excitement by talking martial arts with your little one

Your kid might have been subjected to martial arts in some form or another before their first course. However, if a substantial quantity of time has passed because your kid is totally new to the discipline, it is a fantastic concept to emotionally prepare your kid for their martial arts class. It is easy to do so simply by speaking to them about the artwork or surfing the internet for videos of kids enjoying their courses.

Being nervous is fine

Let us face it everyone gets worried their first time doing anything. That should not be any different for the kid. Bear in mind they’re going to an entirely new environment distinct from what they are utilized to. They will be dressed otherwise, see many diverse faces and is going to have a new authority figure. It is ok for them to become more nervous.

Encourage but do not push

Many parents are guilty about it. It is natural to want your son or daughter in excel in what they do. But there is a thin line between healthy reinforcement and compelling beyond reason. Bear in mind what your son or daughter might have seen on TV is quite different from what they will encounter in actual life. It is the same with martial arts class. Yes, they view many trendy strategies and motions, but most of the techniques take some time to learn and ideal.

Be their cheerleader

It is as straightforward as is sounds. Be a cheerleader for your child during and after course. Offer compliments when things are done properly and provide encouragement whenever they want a small boost. Bear in mind that your child would like to please you in every manner possible, particularly throughout their martial arts courses. They’re “on point” and would like you to be pleased with these.


Nestle Announced Worldwide Release of KitKat V Before End of 2021

Fans of vegan food rejoiced when Nestlé announced that before the end of 2021, KitKat V the vegan KitKat, will be launched in different parts of the world. According to the company, the plant-based treat was developed as a response to the global clamor coming from lovers of plant-based food, as the initial plan was to release KitKat V only in KitKat Chocolatory and in some select retailers.

 According to the company, the plant-based treat was developed as a response to the global clamor coming from lovers of plant-based food, as the initial plan was to release KitKat V only in KitKat Chocolatory and in some select retailers/.be/5GafLDJuFzc

The idea came to life when an increasing number of avid KitKat fans started sending in requests for a vegan version of KitKat. According to Nestlé’s head of confectionary, Alexander von Maillot, one of the most common requests in their social media accounts was for the company to produce a KitKat vegan — a dream, which the company is more than happy to fulfill.  

York-based Louise Barrett, the director of Nestlé’s Center for Confectionery Technology in the UK said that it was challenging to develop the delicious KitKat chocolate taste using plant-based ingredients. The KitKat V chocolate went through a trial-and-learn approach, while using their expertise in ingredients in creating a delicious taste for the plant-based alternative of the original KitKat.

In  expanding the options for plant-based beverages and food, Nestlé conveys its support to individuals across the globe, who prefer having a plant-based diet. Studies show that there is an increasing number of people interested in trying out plant-based food in various forms. 

Nestle’s Plant-Based Alternatives to Dairy Beverages

Actually, other than the recent vegan KitKat, Nestle has already been providing plant-based beverages as alternatives to dairy, with which chocolates are made from soy, coconut, rice, etc. Examples of these products are rice-and-oat-based drinks, plant-based lattes and cappuccinos, non-dairy coffee creamers and ice cream, a wide range of non-dairy cheese, vegan condensed milk, and pea-based beverages. 



Chocolates – A Good Energy Booster While You Are Behind The Wheel

When you are having car troubles or if your vehicle breaks down, your best option is to hire a reliable towing company for roadside assistance. For instance, provides its clients professional and quality service and get their work done quickly and very efficiently. The company has a devoted and enthusiastic staff who invested energy and time to make certain they are all trained, ready and equipped for any special or unique client request.

Maintaining Your Car To Avoid Breakdowns

While it is reassuring to know that there are professional towing companies in your area, it is still imperative to give your car the proper maintenance and servicing it needs in order for to be in excellent condition and top performance. If you don’t do this, expect your car to have issues which can disrupt your errands as well as ruin your day. Not to mention, the amount of money you need to shell out to have your car fixed.

Apart from proper vehicle care and maintenance, it is also imperative that you continue improving your driving skills in order to be a responsible driver. One of this is to stay alert when you are behind the wheel. A lot of drivers believe that they can keep themselves from dozing off to sleep, but in reality, you just can’t. Driver’s might not even know that they’ve fallen asleep. This situation is more likely to occur to drivers who are sleep deprived, those who are driving extended distances without any break, motorists who driving alone, traveling at night, those who are driving in lengthy rural highways, those who have taken medications causing them to feel drowsy or sleepy, and for drivers who drank alcohol.

Nibble Some Chocolates To Keep Yourself Awake On The Road

When getting behind the wheel, it is important that you are well-rested, well-prepared and alert so as to make certain you don’t get into an accident and harm yourself, your passengers, pedestrians as well as other motorists.

If you need a quick energy booster to keep you alert and awake when driving, grab some chocolate to nibble on. Chocolates aren’t only great at elevating your mood, but are also at boosting your energy as they contain caffeine, antioxidants and nutrients that could combat fatigue and keep you awake.

Chocolates also contain sugar which boosts energy. The body absorbs simple sugars quite quickly, and chocolates have these simple sugars which the body turns to glucose. These kinds of sugars are what the cells of the body prefer as energy source. So, it won’t hurt to some chocolates with you when drive.